Stole my heart


1. Episode 1 :)

Victoria's P.O.V: 

i walked to the coffee shop at the airport. I got my coffee, but I bumped into someone and spilled the coffee all over a boy that I knew right away. It was Harry Styles from one direction. "Watch your step" I said sounding mad because I lost my coffee. "At least I'm not spilling coffee all over people" he said sounding madder than me. "Excuse me" I said sounding very snotty. "You have no idea who I am?" He said sounding surprise. "Not a clue" I lied. I knew who he was, I loved One Direction. "Do you know One Direction?" He said sounding even more surprised. "No" lied once again. "Never mind then" he said sill sounding surprised. "Well, I gotta go catch my flight" I started to run to my plane because they had already called my flight. I'm not rich or anything, but I do ride first class any chance I get. When I got on, there were no more seats left except for a seat between Harry and Louis from One Direction. "Would you please take a sea" a lady said, I nodded yes and went walking slowly to my seat. "What are you doing here?" Harry asked. "Don't you see there are no seat left?" I said annoyed. I sat down ignoring what he had to said before. "Do you know her Louis asked Harry. "Yes, she was the one who spilled coffee all over me" Harry said almost yelling. "Oh" Louis said.

Harry's P.O.V

To be honest I thought she was cute. "So what's your name?" Louis asked. "Victoria what's your's" I said. "You don't know?" Louis said surprised.

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