Maybe I'm Dreaming: An Owl City Fanfiction

Hadley has always admired Adam Young. It's always been her dream to meet him. The fact that they had the same last name had nothing to do with it. It was him and his music. When she visits Owatonna for a few weeks, she finally gets to meet him. But something is unearthed during that time--Hadley and Adam are siblings… and Adam knew of his sister all along. Both of them have the same question running through their minds. Is this a dream?


1. Introduction

"EEP!" I laugh. "ADAM!"

"What," he asks innocently.

I giggle and tackle him.

"Ah! Oh sheesh! Since when are you so good at tackling people?"

"Since... Now apparently. You're just too easy to tackle I guess," I tease.

"Okay then," he says, smiling.

"Okay then," I reply.

"Can you get off of me now?"

I roll to the side.

"Thanks," he says.



"How soon are you leaving Owatonna? For your tour?"

He sighs. "Tomorrow."

"WHAT?! You didn't think to TELL me?!"

"I didn't want to ruin the mood..."

"Yeah, because this is so much better..."

"Well, I was GOING to tell you, but I thought it could wait until later."

"You should have told me before! I can't believe you didn't mention it!"


I shake my head. "Whatever," I say. "I'm going back to the hotel."

Before he can say anything, I stand up and walk over to my car. I climb in and look out the passenger's side window as I fasten my seat belt. He's sitting up, his face a mixture of guilt, hurt, and sadness.

I feel bad. I shouldn't have gone off at him like that. I can't go back and apologize though. I'd break down into tears and I don't want him to feel worse. Shaking my head, I start the car and turn my gaze back to the road as I press the gas and drive away.

Even now, the fact seems like fiction. Impossible.

I am Adam Young's sister. I am the little sister of THE Adam Young. Owl City, Sky Sailing, Port Blue, whatever you want to call him. He's my older brother.

My name is Hadley Young and my brother is none other than Adam Randal Young.

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