Maybe I'm Dreaming: An Owl City Fanfiction

Hadley has always admired Adam Young. It's always been her dream to meet him. The fact that they had the same last name had nothing to do with it. It was him and his music. When she visits Owatonna for a few weeks, she finally gets to meet him. But something is unearthed during that time--Hadley and Adam are siblings… and Adam knew of his sister all along. Both of them have the same question running through their minds. Is this a dream?


5. Chapter 4: Memories of Home


It's a strange feeling when you suddenly have memories of when you were less than 1 year old. Believe me, it's the weirdest thing to remember being that young. Especially when you're 16.

I seriously speak from experience. Remembering Adam and my parents--my actual parents, not my foster parents--was great. Still, it was probably the strangest thing I've ever gone through.

No, what am I talking about? Remembering wasn't the strangest thing I've ever gone through. Not at all. It was knowing that Adam Young--that my hero--was my older brother.

Yeah, that was definitely it. Strange? Definitely. It was also a wonderful warm, fuzzy feeling though. I really couldn't ask for a better brother.

"Well, Hadley," he replied to my last comment, "welcome home."

I laughed out of pure happiness and hugged him again.

He hugged me back, and I closed my eyes. I was hugging Adam Young. Adam Young was my brother.

Yeah, I still needed to get used to this.

After a minute, I opened my eyes and pulled back from the hug.

He smiled. "So it's been 15 years since you've seen our parents… and I live in the same town as them…"

"I see where this is going."


"Sorry, Adam, but that really is a stupid question. Of course I want to see our parents! 15 years is, like, a really long time. Especially when you're only 16."

"Oh, that's true. Come on, then, let's not waste time."




I stood behind Adam slightly, to his left, smiling like an idiot.

About 30 seconds after he knocked, the door opened, and I saw my mother for the first time in 15 years.

It was kind of a significant moment for me.

"Hello, Adam dear," she said, before noticing me. "Oh, and who's this?"

Adam glanced back at me, smiling. "Well, Mom, I find it sad that you don't recognize your own daughter."

She blinked a few times, looking at me. "H-Hadley?"

"Hi Mom," I said.

And… I was hugged once again. I was pretty sure I had never been hugged so much in one night before.

Probably hadn't been, actually. It wasn't very often that there were occasions during which hugs were necessary in my life.

Yep, this was a pretty spectacular night.

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