They Don't Know About Us

This is my first fan fiction, and it's about One Direction.
One of the boys falls in love with a girl from the audience.
Will he ever know who she was?

This story is made for the contest "The backstage story - what happens backstage?"
It would mean a lot to me, if you'd read it, give me some feedback and give it a "like"

Thank you very much!
Enjoy xoxo


1. We Danced All Night

I stood right behind the curtains. Everyone was running around, making sure everything was ready.

“20 seconds till the show starts”, the lady yelled. I stood in the middle. We were standing on a big platform that was supposed to get us up in the air. Louis saw how nervous I was. He put his hand on my shoulder, shook it and said:
“You can do this, man.”

I took a deep breath.

“10 seconds till the show starts”, the lady yelled.

The music started. Screaming girls had been waiting for it all day. They had been waiting for us, and I couldn’t believe it. We made it.

The platform went up, and we stood in midair.

Harry took his microphone, held it in front of his mouth and shouted:
“Maybe it’s the way that she walks!”

All the girls knew the lyrics.

The platform went down, and we walked on stage. We started dancing.

I had to remember the steps. Left, right, right, spin. I looked over at Harry. He seemed so calm, like it was no big deal. I wish I felt that way. I was stressed and nervous. The sweat ran down my neck and my hair was a mess. Harry looked back at me. He looked concerned. He ran over to me, and put his arm around me, like it was part of the show.

The stage was all purple and the lights were moving like crazy. I looked at the girls in the audience; they were crying and screaming. They looked just like how I felt.

They were screaming, crying and jumping like animals, but for what? Who? Me? Who were they so excited about? It probably wasn’t me. I had heard that they all loved Harry. I understood why.

I wished I was Harry. He had the perfect smile with the perfect set of teeth. His eyes were crystal-clear and his dimples made him look innocent. I was nothing compared to him.

“And we danced all night to the best song ever!” we shouted.

The audience knew the lyrics perfectly. It was amazing.

When the song ended, I was so happy that I had to shout:
“You made this song into the best song ever!”

They went crazy. They screamed even louder, even though I thought it was impossible.


The night was ending, and there was only one song left.

“So what would you do, if I wanted to ‘Kiss You’?” Harry asked the audience.

They all knew what he meant.

We started singing. I was getting very tired after a long night. I remembered the dance perfectly though.


“And let me kiss you!” Harry shouted. It was the last line of the last song.

We walked up in front of the audience. We were all sweaty and tired, but we smiled. We smiled to the people that came to see us. 15,000 people (mostly girls) were screaming and clapping. They went crazy.

I bet they had a good night.

We looked at the crowd. I looked at the ones in the back. I looked at the ones standing by the exits. I looked at the ones up front. I looked at each and every one of them. I looked at the front row. Right in the middle, I saw a girl. I saw the most beautiful girl, I had ever seen. My smile became even bigger. I couldn’t control it.

She stopped jumping, and realized I looked at her. She wasn’t like the others. She didn’t start crying or screaming. She just stood there and smiled at me. She had long, dark hair and the most adorable freckles. That was all I could see. She was so beautiful. I hoped she didn’t notice how much I blushed.

“Thank you for coming! We love every single one of you!” Louis shouted.

No, no. They lights went off, and the guys went backstage. The audience left. I just stood there. I couldn’t see her anymore. Where was she? I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t see her. She was gone.

One of the workers said:
“Alright, go backstage. We have a flight to catch in four hours.”

I was broken. I needed to find that girl.

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