They Don't Know About Us

This is my first fan fiction, and it's about One Direction.
One of the boys falls in love with a girl from the audience.
Will he ever know who she was?

This story is made for the contest "The backstage story - what happens backstage?"
It would mean a lot to me, if you'd read it, give me some feedback and give it a "like"

Thank you very much!
Enjoy xoxo


3. Kiss You

“Hey, wake up. Blonde guy, I’m talking to you”.

My eyelids felt heavy but I managed to open my eyes just a bit. I rubbed my face, trying to wake up. I shook my head and saw an old man standing next to me.

“This is the final stop, get out”, he said. It was the angry bus driver. I got out of the bus, not knowing where I was or what time it was. There was a 7-Eleven right across the street.

The doors automatically opened and I heard the sound of a bell. I started walking around, trying to see if I could find anything I needed.

I saw some shelves filled with magazines. They were all bright and colorful. I picked up one of them and read the front page:

“Five superstars: which guy from One Direction is perfect for you?”

I put it back and sighed. It had a picture of the guys and me. I missed them.

I walked out of the 7-Eleven and saw a guy standing at the corner. He stared at me a lot. I thought he was a fan. I walked over to him and said:
“Hey man, I know; I’m Niall from One Direction”.

He didn’t say a word.

“Did you hear what I said?”

He still didn’t answer. I drifted away in my thoughts. I didn’t even know what I was doing. How was I ever going to find that girl? It was hopeless and I didn’t even know why I even tried.

I suddenly felt some move in my pocket. I looked down and saw the guy’s hand stealing my money.

“What are you doing?!” I shouted. He ran off with my money but I couldn’t let him get away that easy. I ran as fast as I could. He ran over to a bunch of big apartment-buildings. It was like a maze.

I jumped from car to car, hoping I’d get closer, but it was impossible. I lost the guy and I lost my money.

I was broke. I had no choice anymore; I had to find a place to spend the night.

I went into one of the buildings and walked up a bunch of stairs. It felt like an eternity. I stopped at a random door and started knocking on it. No responds.

“Hey! Let me in! I need help!” I shouted at the door. Still no responds. I tried another door.

The doorbell rang and I stood there, hoping to get a place to spend the night.

Hopeless. No-one would let me in. I sat up against the door and looked up.

What did I ever do to deserve that? I was all alone in a city I didn’t know. I had nowhere to go and all of my money were stolen. I might as well give up.

I almost stumbled when the door suddenly opened.

“I’m sorry, I was taking a shower”, a soft and sweet voice said.

I got up and turned around. My eyes widened and my heart skipped a beat.

“Can I come in?” I said shyly.

She smiled and let me in.

We went into the living room and I sat on the couch.

“Sorry about all the candles. When my parents aren’t home, I turn off the lights and light up some candles instead”, she said.

“That’s okay”, I said and smiled.

The apartment was filled with dark but smooth colors. The red sofa was softer than imaginable and the candles on the brown wooden table were black and red.

“You look so cold!” she said shocked and found a blanket for me. She sat next to me on the couch and put the blanket around me. I looked into her eyes; they were all I needed to keep me warm.

She soon realized my enchanted stare and snapped out of it.

“Are you hungry?” she asked me.

“Very”, I said. “All of my money were stolen just a few minutes ago…”

She went to the kitchen.

I made myself comfortable in the blanket. It was very warm.

The lovely girl came back with a plate of chocolate covered strawberries.

“These are all I have right now”, she said and put the plate on the table next to the candles.

She sat down next to me again. Her thick, wavy, brown hair matched her deep, green eyes perfectly.

She had a wide but sexy and classy smile. I couldn’t resist it.

I took one of the strawberries, turned my body towards her and put the strawberry gently up against her mouth. She stared into my eyes while slowly opening her mouth and grabbing the strawberry with her perfectly white teeth.

She took a bite and let her thick, light pink lips slowly and smoothly cover the strawberry.

“I have been looking for you”, I whispered.

I blew out the candles and put the blanket over the both of us.

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