Mariah is on a mission to save her best friend/ boyfriend Jason because he was abducted by a psycho serial killer that is closer to her more than she may think...


1. Where It Starts

 Have you ever fallen in love? Have you ever had someone take that away from you? Well I have but I learned how to fix it, I cant describe it in words so i'll just tell you my story. So I was 15 years old and of course I had a best friend, well his name was Jason. We had the most perfect friendship until it turned into something a little more....

"JASON! Where are you? Come out because I'm getting freaked out, it's so dark!" So I stood there looking around frantically and I heard a faint tapping coming from the inside of the abandoned farm, I was about to go check it out then suddenly Jason popped up behind me and I just had to scream.

"Mariah you should have seen your face, oh my gosh it was priceless!" Jason said while laughing.

"That was NOT funny. Jason it's like 9:00 I should get going." I said

"Aw. Mariah, was it something I said?"

"Yeah! Just don't laugh at me because I only like it when laugh together..." I said with a slight smile. As Jason wrapped his arms around me he said "Your Mine!" We spent around 20 minutes chasing each other and then I sat down and Jason did the same. 

I looked up at the dark blue sky with the shiny crystal-like stars up above then I stared at Jason we leaned in and right as we were about to kiss, my uncle messaged me saying that I should come home so I opened my arms to hug Jason and I said "Goodbye."


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