Mariah is on a mission to save her best friend/ boyfriend Jason because he was abducted by a psycho serial killer that is closer to her more than she may think...


2. When the day seems like it is over

I woke up the next day hoping to see Jason with me but he wasn't there, so I sadly got up and dressed for school. I went down stairs looking for breakfast or at least something to eat and I found POP-tarts in the pantry.

The doorbell rang and I slowly walked over to answer it. There stood a large cardboard box that didn't even look like it could fit through the doorway so I opened it outside. There wasn't tape, or a name but there was a small torn up letter inside, and it read:


       Dear Mariah,

              If you don't meet me at the the abandoned barn by Sun-set your precious little friend Jason will be in my hands for a long long time. If you decide to come, bring the Million dollars in your uncles bank account other wise I'll be sure to slit little Jason's head off and mail it to you later. Farewell Mariah Foster. 


"I cant believe I have to go through this, maybe if I call the police they could arrest the person who is threatening me, I have to go to school I will make a plan when I get home." I thought


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