Mariah is on a mission to save her best friend/ boyfriend Jason because he was abducted by a psycho serial killer that is closer to her more than she may think...


3. That Night

It was approximately 3:00 pm when I got home, the door was open so I slowly walked inside and there was our cat with a note pinned to his neck with a knife. I got down on my knees and I cried silently for at least a half hour when i decided to call my uncle and tell him that "the cat ran away". I took the note and the knife, then went to find a shoe box. I put our cat in the box, dug a hole and buried it.


Right after that I sat down on my striped chair and read the note:


    Dear Mariah Foster,

         If you try to call the police, it wont work because by that time Jason will be locked away with me and you cant do anything about it. Right as you're reading this, Jason is duct taped to a chair and is probably very confused right now, so if you decide to call the cops you better be prepared for what I'm about to do. 


I stood there shocked, so I thought "I cant steal from my uncle especially if he has done everything for me, I guess I could call the police when I am meeting up with that person, because the worst he can do is have Jason with him."


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