Almost Is Never Enough


1. No New Friends

"You're DJ-ing with me tonight right?" last time she promised.

I strapped on my seat belt in the passenger seat. Chanel was doing the usual by ignoring me.

I ran my fingers through my hair knowing I'd be alone tonight as always.

"No Zuri. Remeber I told you I made some new friends the other day."

"So you're going to diss me for some people who knew you for a milisecond?"

"They're welcoming Zu. Stop being such a stick in the mud."

Same old Chanel. She flew from New York for a visit we do every summer. I used to live there until I had to move with my dad. She was my best friend.


We'd have sleepovers almost every night.

Tell each other our crushes and secrets.

"Just drive Nel."

She hated when I called her that. She gave me a nudge in my arm and smiled.

No matter how annoying she was or how mad she made me with her decisions , she was like a sister to me.

May sound cliche but the sister I never had.

She placed her blue pumps on the gas pedal and drove off. Nel was dressed to impress as far as I could tell.

She had the hideous pencil skirt I had bought her last year.

"I'll help you DJ around 12:30 Zu." she patted her hand on my leg with a smile. The smile hid a lie.

"Yeah yeah."

I gave her a fake smile. The streets were depeopled. It was only 11:45.

"Only if you come hang with me first." there was always another side of a story. "Oh c'mon Nel. I need to get paid this week-"

"And you will!"

she cuts me off. "Today is my last day here and we need to do something fun!"

I wasn't the 'fun' type of person. Fun to me was playing or making music. She was the party girl. Just like her mom. Out going, sweet, beyond gorgeous. Seemed like a Barbie.

"I'll ask Tyler to cover for me then."

I didnt want to be covered. I need the pay. But Taylor would possibly say no but he knew Chanel was here.

"Move!" She yelled. The car in front was moving 20 miles per hour. Literally.

"Nel chill. We're almost there." Inpatient. So Inpatient.

"I will not chill Zu. There's this guy named Niall and.." "Oh No!" I yell with a little sarcasm. She couldn't help but laugh.

"Oh Zu you don't understand. He's so sweet."

Sweet my ass.

Typical Chanel. Falling for guys , guys breaks heart , same old ,same old. "You sound like some girl from a chick flick Nel. We'll make it."

Before I knew it we were pulling into the club. Plush.

Ugly name for a club but very hype. Just how I like it. "Oh thank god!" she yelled with joy. She zoomed into the parking lot.

"Slow down!" I yell to her. She zooms even faster into a parking space and slams on breaks.

"Whoo! C'mon Zuri. C'mon , c'mon cmon!"

She leaped her 5'8 body out the car. Model Material I swear.

"Hurry!" She yelled from a distance. I didn't know what I was rushing for. 10 minutes before my shift.

I looked around for Nel but she was already inside. It was really humid outside since it rained earlier today so I removed my leather jacket.

I didn't want to be with Chanel and her "friends". They were usually Barbie Dolls or Hippies but she seemed the type.

I could her the Skrillex dubstep from outside. My vibe was high. I couldn't wait to get inside and mix.

I boosted my walk just thinking about. "Nice boots." Some blue haired girl says to me. She has a smirk on her face full of lies. "Thanks." I say under my breath.

She was tall. Once again , model material. I walk in to find hands in the air and lights flickering from blue to red.

Smoke in the air and the smell of water downed beer. Not pleasant. "Hey Zu!" a guy said to me. He was highly buff.

"Whats up!" I yell over the crowd. His breath was revolting.

"You DJ-ing right!?"

"Of course!"

He nods his head with a smile. He was about to say something I didn't want to hear.

I began to walk off to ignore him. It felt as if was dragging himself behind me. I walked through people to get to the Mixer on the top floor.

Hot and sweaty people touched my bare skin. People kissing and drinking. I found this normal.

I finally reached the top to find Tyler talking to some girls. Tyler was a ladies man and I could tell. Nice blonde hair and abs.

Tall , slim , funny , you know , everything a girl wants.

They had their barbie hands all over him. Honestly I didn't care but it would be annoying sometimes.

His green eyes soon spotted mine as he advances towards me. He began to smirk. "Thank god you're here." he whispered in my ear while waving his hand bye towards the girls.

He wrapped his arms around my neck in warmth. He smelled like a loving man. If that's a scent. "You need me to cover right?"

How did he know? Maybe Nel told him. "Chanle told me. Go have fun Zu." He smiled his warm smile.

I thank god for Tyler. "Thanks." I wrap my arms around his shoulders as he wraps his arms around my waste.

I let go before he can began to get a grip. I could feel the awkward in this.

Its not like I didn't love Tyler or anything but he was friend , and that was it. I saw awe in his face.

I wanted to make conversation with him but Chanel would be looking for me soon. "See you Tyler." I give him a peck on the cheek.

A peck.

I patted him on the shoulder and took off. I felt his glossy eyes on me. I really didn't want to join Nel but she made a promise to me to help me DJ tonight.

She can't get her shit together. I scan the room looking for her and I can't see over the waving hands but I managed to hear Chanels laugh in the corner.

I hated when she pretended to be some else to fit in. I could tell by her phony laugh.

I slowly walk myself and creep up behind her. "Boo!" I yell behind her ear to scare her. It doesn't seem to work when she smiles at me.

"Ok so this is Zuri." she says very excited. Bubbly as usual. I slid out from behind her with a welcoming smirk.

I waved my hand freely to them. They all didn't look like Barbies. More like normal people.

Normal People.

"Hi i'm Niall." he held his pale hand out for me to shake. I took it in gently. "Hi." I smile towards him.

Chanel was right about him. He was sweet but also a cutie.

"Hello i'm Perrie and that's my boyfriend Zayn!" she points to a model. At least he look like one.

Model Material.

He nodded his head towards me with a smile. He had a nice smile. Genuine.

"Liam." he held his hand out to welcome me. His nose look so boopable. It was adorable. He slowly sat down with a smile.

Eventually I began to see the last two "friends" were making out.

Literally sucking each others faces.

"Impolite Harry dude look." Zayn says to him with a grim expression.

It was rude and impolite.

"Oh oh." he says while removing his face from the girl with tons of freckles but is beautiful on her.

She has wavy red hair. She was a ginger.

Gorgeous at that.

"Names Dasha and my boyfriend Harry. Ok are we done?" she ask Nel.

She gave Dasha a look as in she despised her.

"Yeah. Zuri take a seat." Liam says to me. He was very kind and sweet. I take a seat infront of them with Nel by my side.

"Where you from Zuri?" Perrie had asked me. She had a nice smile upon her face.

Their eyes were all starring me except Dasha and her boyfriend.

"New York City but moved here when I was about 13." I say loud enough for them to hear me.

"Why move here!?" Niall calls upon me. He couldn't but laugh and I couldn't either.

"Dad in the Military!"

They give me a smile to show they understood. "Same. It sucks here doesn't it?" Zayn said patting my leg.

If I was his girlfriend I wouldn't approve what so ever.

But I'm not.


"But the beach is great right!?" Nel yells.

I forgot she was here.

"Thumbs up to that. So since its Chanels last night , we should throw a party!" Perrie yell.

It was only 12:23.

"Yeah thatb should be nice! My house?"

Liams voice was to soft. I could barely hear him but just nodded my hand in agreement.

"No you guys you don't have to!" Nel yells.

I knew she wanted too.

"Yeah we really don't!" Dasha yells.

I gave her a glare to back off. I already didn't like her and barely said two words to me.

"Rude much?" I say to her.

She swiftly stood up to hover over me. I wasn't scared of her but I'm not going to start a fight.

"Well aren't you going to stand up bitch?"

I didnt even know this girl. How dare she. It all seemed to happen to fast and that hit nerve I never knew I had. I stood up to find I was taller than her.


"I'm not going to start shit with you. I don't even know you."

"Dasha sit down." Harry had said.

There was always someone I didn't get along with. It was her.

Luckily Nel was leaving tomorrow and I'd never see these people again.

She sat down as if she was trained dog.

A trained bitch.

"Well then. We should get going to Liams eh?" Zayn said. He automatically looked at me and smiled.

I didn't want to go anywhere with these people. Well just Dasha and Harry.

Maybe just Dasha.

She had hers arms wrapped around the curly haired boy as if I wanted him.

I wish Chanel wasn't so out going. Everytime she gains new "friends" I always pick a fight with one of them.

It never fails.

Can't she just come to my apartment and relax. Talk about her flight , how her mom is doing , how work is up there since she didn't tell me already.

"I have to get home. It was nice meeti-"

"No no come." Harrys says to me.

I look at him the same way Dasha was looking at him.


"I don't think I should."

"Yeah I agree with her." Dasha agree.

I really don't like this girl.

"I didn't really introduce myself. Harry." I didn't want shake is hand but I needed to kind.


He nods his head with a grin.

"Pretty. Is it like Arabic or something?"

I honestly didn't know myself.

"I'm not sure."

I felt Dashas eyes upon me glaring me up and down.

"You guys ready? I don't live that far."

I really didn't want to go. I needed to be DJ-ing with Tyler. That was the real reason I was here. I couldn't diss Nel though. She'd be more mad at me than I was at her.

"Yeah." Harry and I say at the same time.

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