Emma Lubino arrives at a new school. On her first day she's tagged as an emo freak. If only everyone knew what she had gone through. But she's sworn to herself never to tell anyone, but could a boy named Corey change her self-promise?


4. Twinsies

Corey's P.O.V.

After lunch was 6th and 7th period. I went to Civics for 6th and was headed to Math when I saw Emma, walking the halls alone. 

"Hey, you a little lost?" I asked her. She didn't say anything, just nodded yes.

"What class are you headed to?" I inquired, thinking she would have to verbally answer this question. 

Instead she just showed me her schedule and pointed to her 7th period: Math.

"Awesome, I'm going there to! You can just follow me."

I started walking and she walked next to me. I looked over at her and saw that her hair was covering the side of her face that was closest to me. My hand itched to reach out and brush her hair behind her ear. Then, with out my consent, my hand moved to do exactly that. 

She caught my hand halfway to her hair and said, "Don't you ever touch me. Understand?" She threw my hand back at me and ran towards the front door.

"We still have 7th period till schools over!" I yelled at her back. She just ignored me and kept running. I signed as she slammed the front door of the school.  Just keep walking towards math Corey. Just ignore her. I whispered to myself.


Shit! I'm late! I sprinted the rest of the way and walked in. Everyone looked at me like I had just killed their parents. I was only....12 minutes late!

"Oh, hello Mr. Bonsoovio, how nice of you to join us," the teacher said sarcastically.

Yes, you heard him right, he said Bonsoovio.

Yep. I'm Lexi's twin brother.

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