Emma Lubino arrives at a new school. On her first day she's tagged as an emo freak. If only everyone knew what she had gone through. But she's sworn to herself never to tell anyone, but could a boy named Corey change her self-promise?


11. The "Date" and...HER

Emma's P.O.V

Corey led me to his dark red and black striped Camaro. 

 "Nice ride," I complimented.

 "Thanks it was a gift from my now-dead uncle," I didn't respond, but instead I got into the awesome car and sat on the leather seats. It's been a while since I sat on real fine leather. He got in a we drove to the movies. We chose to watch the The Exorcist, the one from 1973. It was it's 30th anniversary so it was showing again.

 "I hope you won't be to scared and jump into my arms!" he joked. I tried playing along, but failed miserably.

 "After what I've been through, I doubt it." I smiled, showing him that it was a joke.

 We walked into the movie theater and sat down in the back seats. The movie started and two people arrived late. I looked to see who they were and it was my crush, Lexi and one of her posse members. Yes, Lexi's my crush, even though i just got here. And, yes I am bisexual so deal with it. 

 They hadn't seen us and sat down 3 seats in front of us. They looked around to make sure no one was here and then started kissing. Not like a little friendly peck, nooo it was WAY more than that. More like french kissing with a touch of Italian {idk what that is, it just sounded good sooo..}. My heart just about broke into a million pieces, but I tried not to show it.

 I debated showing the ignorant Corey, but then I thought he wouldn't do anything so I nudged him and pointed. The look on his face was priceless. It went from shock, to horror, and then finally settled on angry. He started to stand up but I tried to pull his arm back down, regretting me showing him.

 "Corey, please no. It's who she is, and you can't change that," I pleaded. 

 "I can damn well try," he said, yanking his arm from my grasp. I watched as he stomped down the aisle to the row where they were sitting. He walked up to the row in front of them and I watched sadly as he yanked the girl away from Lexi and started yelling at his sister. I felt bad for Lexi and for Corey. Corey thinks that I like him, but I can't help but like Lexi. And now that I know that she's a lesbian too, I might just be able to come out of the closet, but probably not....

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