Emma Lubino arrives at a new school. On her first day she's tagged as an emo freak. If only everyone knew what she had gone through. But she's sworn to herself never to tell anyone, but could a boy named Corey change her self-promise?


3. Lunch

Corey's P.O.V

Lunch was almost everyone's favorite time of the day, except for the geeks and the left-out's. I almost felt bad for them, but not bad enough to sit with them and lower my social status. I know that's shallow,  but it's true. High-school revolves around your popularity. It has and always and most likely always will. I walk in and grab my tray and get in line. I hated cafeteria food, but at least I got to eat something. I heard Joesph come up behind me.

"Hey man. So what do you think of the new girl?"

"She's seems alright, I guess. She seems really quite and shy, but at the same time.....defiant." I said thoughtfully, thinking of how she had just kept walking with her chin high after she was tripped.

"I guess so man. Hey is that her?" He pointed to a solitary black figure walking towards the back of the lunchroom. I nodded as my eyes followed her. 

I finished getting my crappy cafeteria food and went over to sit with my regular table-mates. I was still watching Emma as I bumped into someone.

"Opps!! Sor-" the apologize died on my lips as I saw who it was.

Lexi Bonsoovio.

"Ugh!!! You BASTARD!!! This shirt cost $350!! You're going to pay for this!" she yelled as she stormed off, her posse following her.

"See you at home then!" I yelled to her back. I shrugged and sat down at my table. I felt someone walk up behind me and I turned around. 

"Hey man. That was awesome, that bitch totally had it coming! Joesph congratulated me, patting me on the back. "No offense though!" he quickly added.

"Non takin', but wonder how she's going t make me 'pay for it'?"

"Probably by actually paying for it, but who cares! The look on her face was sooo worth it!!"

"Yea I guess so," I answered distracted by looking for Emma. I finally saw her in the same place she was before, smiling at me. I smiled back and she abruptly turned around and stared at the wall. A little, actually, a lot confused I turned back to my friends, They were all talking about how I had spilled my lunch on Lexi. I just couldn't get my mind off of Emma. There was something.......special about her.



Hey guys sorry for the short chapter, schools kept me REALLY busy. Please comment and give me pointers!

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