Emma Lubino arrives at a new school. On her first day she's tagged as an emo freak. If only everyone knew what she had gone through. But she's sworn to herself never to tell anyone, but could a boy named Corey change her self-promise?


7. Her Story (Continued)

 Emma's P.O.V       

     I woke up in a large, dirty room, that only contained a bed and a dresser. It was filled with clothes. Clothes maybe porn-stars would wear. I was scared out of my mind, thinking of ways to get out. I looked down at myself and saw that I was naked. I felt exposed and tried to cover myself with my hands and legs, only to find out that I was tied to the bed. I was panicking to the point of exhaustion I then passed out on top my bed.


     I was woken up by one of the men unlocking the door. He had a dirty smile behind a long brown beard. He climbed on top of me and started playing with my hair. His body weight was immense. I could barely breath. I was trying so hard not to scream knowing he had a big knife in his jacket pocket. 

      He said to me in a low growling voice, "My name is Carl, are you liking it here so far?

     I was frozen with fear, I couldn't make a sound.

     "ANSWER ME!" he yelled into my ear. I was nodding as ferociously as I could. I was crying my eyes out by then. 

     "You're about to like it a lot more," he said in a seductive voice. I was to scared to be seduced. He got off of me and walked over and closed the door, locking it and pushing the key outside. He walked back over to the bed and slowly starts taking off his clothes. He grabbed his shirt and ripped off the bottom, climbing on top of me he shoved it in my mouth, making a make-shift gag. 

     "Get ready for a good time, sweetie. Or at least for me it will be," he whispered in my ear. I tried screaming through the gag, but it was muffled and didn't do much.

     "If you keep struggling, darlin', I'm gonna have to mess up that pretty little face of yours."

I stopped trying to escape and sat still, with my head turned to the wall. I felt his fingers drift down my body, leaving no place unexplored. I whined into the gag as I felt him kiss my neck. He didn't stop, even when I struggled and screamed. I couldn't believe that my first time would be with a random guy while I was tied to a bed. When he finally stopped, he was panting.

     "Well, thanks for the great time sweetheart," he said while winking. "Someone else will be here in two days. 

 He was right, the same thing happened two days later. It continued like this for a month. They sometimes untied me and let me walk around the room, or if I was lucky, outside. After a while, I started feeling bad. I would throw up my meals and always had to eat twice as much as usual. I noticed that I was late for my 'time'. I asked the men for a pregnancy test, and saw suspicion and fear in their eyes. I went to the bathroom and walked out.

     "I'm pregnant," I told all the men.





Hi everyone! I am Knowles828, you can call me Mutat. I am her new co-author, so I will be writing things on here occasionally when she hasn't updated in a while. I am fairly new to Movellas, so I don't exactly know how everything works. I would love some tips and pointers. So, Jeah! I hope you enjoyed.

Hey guys! Star_of_the_Romans here! I just want to say that I know that being raped is a VERY VERY bad thing and that it should not be taken lightly. One of my good friends was raped and ended her own life. This story is based off of her. Or at least what she told me.


Forever in our hearts

Julia Thomas

August 27, 1999-May 13, 2011





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