poison and wine


4. the start

We were sitting next to the fountain. Jake is in the diner to take us our food so we can eat in fresh Air. We are alone. Except 2 other groups which were sitting far from us.

we were completely quite. But it wasn't awkward. Because I was in my thoughts. 

The way he wasn't smirking. When his eyes met mine. It actually remind me of __

"What are you thinking about?" Hanna snapped.

"Nothing..." I looked away. I couldn't look at her and say I was thinking about your boyfriend. 

"You were smiling." 

"Just remembering some memories."

"Here you are."jake appeared with our hamburgers. We thanked him when he passed them. 

"So, Allison, tell us about your self? Where are you coming from?" 

Where is Austin anyway.

"Um I'm American."
"You don't say!" He cut me off. I rolled my eyes in annoyance. "Sorry..." His voice faded.

"I'm from Danton."
"I thought you were from Dallas?" Hanna asked.

"It's near to Dallas. I didn't want to confuse... Her." I smiled. I made fun of her. They joined me.

I took a bit of my hamburger.

"What is your favorite lesson?" 

"I don't know... Maybe English." Well English is the only lesson that isn't boring. Math can be fun sometimes too. "And math maybe." 

"Do you write?" Blair asked. 

Where the hell is austin? 

"No but..." 
I wasn't sure if I wanted to say or not. 

"But she write poems."
I heard a familiar voice.


"Wow finally!" Jake snapped. 

"Austin." I wasn't sure what to say. I wanted to apologize for everything but I couldn't.

"Don't bother ally! I really don't wanna be here myself." He snapped. 

He sat on the grass next to jake.

"Guys, this is Austin. My room mate." Jake introduce. 

"Blair" she raised her hand. 

"Hanna" she raised her hand too.

Austin nodded. 

I looked away. This was going to be a blast. Austin and I barley fought. But when we did it was like world war 3. 

"So you guys are... Siblings, right?" Hanna asked pointing between austin and I. 

"Yea..." I said.

"I always wanted to have a brother?" She sighed.

We starred at her. 

"Are you the only child?" Austin asked. 

"No I have an annoying little sister." She said in disgust. 

We were all quite for minutes. Jake had finished his hamburger. I was at the end of mine. 

"What's your favorite subject?" Hanna asked out of the blue. We all looked at her. She was asking Austin. 

"Is there a nothing subject." He rolled his eyes. 

"you mean nothing?" Hanna was shocked.

"I mean nothing they are useless and annoying." 

'LIAR! He says he hates it but he always has the better score.'

"Don't start ally." He got me raising my eyebrows at me. He knew what i was thinking about.

"Sooner or later you're gonna show your true face." I smiled 

"You too." He was smirking. For a second, just a second i thought he meant something. 

I looked away. 

"What? are you afraid the truth?" 

'What is he talking about? Does he know?' 

"I don't know what your talking about." I said. I gave him my best honest look. 

He looked away with a smile. 

"Guys it's getting cold. Let's go inside." Blair announced. 
She haven't said anything since Austin showed up. 

"Let's go inside." Hanna said. Blair, hanna and Austin got up.

"You don't wanna come?" Hanna asked me.

"I need some time alone... And air." 

Hanna nodded. "What about you jake?" 

He jumped. He was looking at the ground the whole time Austin and I were arguing. 

"I have to do some thing." He smiled. 

"Okay, see you guys later." Hanna waved her hand. Everyone was gone. I was still sitting on the bench. Jake was still in the same position. We were silent. 

How can I ever leaved with that guilt? He knew. He knew what I did. But who told him or how did he find out. I don't have diary. Nobody knows about it. I was sure. Maybe he was talking about some thing else maybe he was talking about my bitchy personalities. 

"Are you okay?" He broke the silence. He was looking at the ground.

"I... I don't know. NO. I'm not okay he wasn't suppose to be here." I snapped. He was looking at me with no emotion. 

"Sorry. You don't know me. You probably don't care." 

"No. Continue." 

"There is nothing to continue." What else I could tell him?

"You said you don't want him to be here, Why?" 

"I can't." I got up.


I turned. He was On his feet. He was centimeters away from me. 

"Why? I..." I was going to confess but I bit my tongue to stop myself from talking.

"You what?" 

I looked away. I haven't told my friends about it. I am not going to tell someone I barely know.

"Sorry I didn't mean to...I was just..." He didn't speak anymore.

"You said you had to do some thing."
I said, half asked.

" I lied." He shrugged. 


"To be away from her." He rolled his eyes.

"I thought she was your girlfriend." 

He chuckled. "Girlfriend? Oh please." 

"You are her boyfriend, aren't you?" I was confused.

"She thinks I am. Well I don't have a choice." He snapped. 

I wanted to ask him why but then I remembered myself. I didn't respond to his 'why?' He probably won't answer mine.

"Why did you lie?" 

He smiled. He didn't answer anything. We were quite again. 

"I like you." 

I turned to him. 'What? That was the reason!!'

He turned and left to his dorm. 

For some reasons I was smiling. 

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