poison and wine


5. the new chapter

"hey. wake up!" i knew the annoying voice. Hanna.

"What?" I snapped with my eyes close. i just couldn't open them.

"Don't you have a class to attend?"

I patted my hand around my head and the night stand looking for something to check the time. i dound something one the nightstand. i assumed it was a clock or something.

my eyes snapped open.

"FIVE!" i shouted. "seriously?"

"oh c'mon. it's late enough." she said seriously. is she fucking kidding me??? late?? 

"you don't have anything better to do at five?'' i rolled my eyes and shut them again.

"c'mon it's the first day!!!" she whined. 

"so what? i should wake up at FIVE a.m?" I wanted to shout at her but I didn't have the power to. "just 30 more minutes." i mumbeled.



"wake up!!" 

'Oh my god she is annoying'

"wake up!" she shouted again.

"wakeupwakeupwakeupwakeupwakeup...." she reapeted and shook me i my bed.


"Hey...I was just trying to wake you up!" she pouted.


"i'm happy i am not the only one who thinks like that." katerina came out of the bathroom n the corner of the rom. 

'who told her to talk' i tried to stop my self from rolling my eyes. I didn't even look at her. 

"okay so go and wera your uniform and..."

"Hanna i'm not a kid. iknow what to do.

I headed to the bathroom. and took a shower sice it was five thirty I decided to take my time. everyone told me hanna is sweet and blah blah blah but what I got is dhe likes to control everything and this is not sweet.. there is no doubt that jake hates her. don't think about him. i shouted at my mind. it's not my business if he hates her. 

the knock on the door took me out of my thoughts.

"hey come out!" oh god.

"WHY?" i snaped. how am isuppose to deal with her for eights months. 

"because you've been there for 5 minutes."


"you have to get ready."


"our first day."

"thecnically it's MY first day first. second of all IT'S FIVE THIRTY FIVE FOR GOD'S SAKES." i shouted. she didn't say anything for like 30 minutes. then iheared the door opening.is she trying to get me out? 

she pulledd the curtains and grabbed my arms my arm.

"hey i'm naked!" i snappeed.

"so what? i'm a girl your a girl." 

she gave me a towel. "dry yourself." 

i sighed. she just likes to order around, doesn't she? i didn'r want to fight with her.

i dried my self and put ut my uniform. I tried my best to be fast. 

"Finally! now you have to braid your hair." 

i gave her a dirty look and rolled my eyes. I pulled my hair back and wore it ponytail. i vould see her eybrows crossed. she rolled her eyes. and just to make her angrier i smirked at her and grabbed my bang and put my books in it. i was going to open the door. she grabbed my arm. i turned to her looking annoyed byt still had the smirk on my lips.

"If i told you to braid your hair i said becsause to show that we are friends." 

"well myh friend doesnt treat me like her puppet." i sassed.i saw her jaw dropped. "i'm sorry..."

"no you're right. I AM sorry." I nodded. i felt like i have to say something. it was so awkward not to say anything at this moment. 

"apology accepted." i samiled and she smiled back.

"so...are we friends?" she said with doubt. 

"um... yea.." i smiled and nodded. 

"let's go eat." she giddled. 

i took a coffee since i woke up at five thirty ireally needed cofein or i would fall sleep. we walked around the yard. apperently jake and her met whe they were really young; like kids. and he had some promblem ,which he doesn't want anyone to know, and she helped him. after that they started they relationship. i felt like he thinks he owns her. that''s why he is with her. by the time she was finished i had my second coffee. 

"what's the point of wakig up so early?" I wanted to ask her before in the morning but she busy bossing me. 
"Well,I wake up at this time and run but today I didn't feel like it and I was bored. I'm sorry." I chuckled. This girl is too self fish.

Well I was awake now. We walked around. She talked about the teachers and how they want you to be as we walked through the trees behind the buildings. I love that place. I thought it's the best place to be alone since I like being alone. Don't take this wrong. I am not a Bella swan type. I actually i love to be alone and write. 

We got back to the cafeteria when it was around 8. I spotted jake and Blair. Hana and I sat on the table.

"Hey." Hanna and I said in unison.

"Uhum" jake mumbled. Wow! Someone needs to teach him some manners. I rolled my eyes.

"Hi" Blair responded.

"I'm going to grab a coffee." Hanna said.

"Bring one for me." I demand. She nodded.

"What do you have today?"I asked. I didn't mention anyone but I knew deep down I was asking Him. Well he answered to my praying. 

"Lit, math, biology and umm.." He started patting his head. "And something else I can't remember." 

I chuckled.


"History, math, biology" I decided to do what he did. "Ummm and something else I can't remember." I said in the same way he did.

"Hahahaha." I smiled.

We didn't talk anymore. We were all sleepy well except hanna. I was still sleepy despite the fact I drank 3 cups of coffee. 

History past. History was the subject I always hated. I didn't listen a word of it and I was glad that I wasn't the only person who wasn't.

Mr.Baldwin, the math teacher was surprised that I could solve the questions. To be honest I studied then on my previous school but I didn't tell him. The whole time jake was quite and I realized he isn't the person he seems. I thought he would make jokes in class but he wasn't. He didn't speak a word in biology. He became my partner and he just respond to my questions with yes or no and I literally killed my self to get a great respond for what was he doing the whole time the teacher was teaching. And he pretended that he didn't hear a word of it. 

The bell rang and he walked away without saying a word. It made me wonder why? And where is he going? Well I'm a curious person and I can't help it. 

So I followed him. He entered into a class. And closed the door or better to say shut it in My face. What the hell was wrong with him?

I decided to attend to my own class. I could see what class he went later. 


We were at the cafeteria.

"What club you want to join?" Blair asked.

"I don't know. What clubs it has?"

She opened her shoulder bag and searched for something.

She took paper out of her bag and handed them to me. I took it and took a look at it. It was a list of clubs of it. A long list.

"Wow!!" I looked at the other side of the paper."ummm...okay..." My eyes took one of them.
"Drug free club?" I laughed."

"Yeah. I really don't know what is that." She rolled her eyes. 

"What they possibly do at the meeting?" I continued laughing.

"Can you believe We have wallflowers clubs?" She laughed. "I don't even know what it is about?" 


"What you guys laughing at?" I looked up and Blair turned.

I stopped laughing. " umm.. We are laughing at the clubs this school has?"

"Oh. You should. I wonder who made them?" He chocked. "Speaking of clubs... What clubs will you join?" 

"I don't know. I haven't decided yet. What about you?" 

"I'm need to go." Blair announced. An d left. 

"Like every year. Composing, art and physics team."

"you compose?" I smiled.

"Yeah... Kinda..." He took a sip of his lemonade.

"That's perfect." 

"You should join."

"I don't compose." I shrugged.

"You write." He corrected me.

I smiled and nodded. 

"Hey guys." Hanna shouted from the doorway." 

"Oh god." I cursed through his breath.

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