poison and wine


3. new people

This is it! 

Far away from home. Far away.

I was standing in the Hemingway boarding entrance. 

I had my suitcases in my hand. I looked at the building one more time. I wanted to memorize every moment of my first day I didn't want it to be blurry. I was here to meet new people to meek good friends. 

To be myself.

It was a new start. I looked at the four floor building in front of me that seemed to be an important building. 

"Hey you must be new." I heard a hotly voice. I turned to the voice and I saw a girl brown curly hair with hazel eyes she had a brown hat and was wearing the grey school uniform. 

"Yes, I am" I jumped and smiled.

"I'm Blair...Blair Calton "

"Allison Roswell." 

"I know," She grinned " I saw your application. We are in the same grade." She took one of my suitcases from my hand "I'm the head girl," she continued "so I am supposed to show you around, tell you the rules, show you your dorm, your uniform and etc." she as she counted them with her fingers while she walked. " whitch one do you like to start with?" She asked.

I thought for a second " I think I go with the dorm option." I said. I was excited to see my dorm and my dorm mate(s). I thought it was exciting but it didn't end up like that. She crossed the main Building. That was when I saw a big yard. In the middle, it was a big fountain surrounded by red-brow bricks which they were also surrounded by trees. 

When we arrived to the fountain, she pointed at a three floor wide building on right

"this is the dorm." She turned to my face. "In each dorm there are 3 to 4 people. It's boys' an girls'. But in some cases you can't go there. You mustn't be there after 8." I nodded. 

"C'mon" she grinned and walked to the building.

She opened the two sided door and stepped in. 

On each side was a staircase. 

"Boys'." She pointed to the left."girls'" she pointed to the right. But she went straight. "Living room."By that she went inside. 

There was about 30 people there. They all were talking. There was a big paper on the wall that had a long list of names on it.

Blair turned to me " what was you last name again?" She asked.

"Roswell." I answered. 

She looked for R. I followed her finger on the list. "R... Ro...Ros..." She said add she went down. When she found my name. She stopped and I saw the reason she stopped.

"Why we have two Roswells?" She asked curiously. "Austin, do you know him?" 

I took a deep breath. "He's my brother." I answered.

She raised her eyebrow waiting for me to tell more. 

"Long story." I said just to get rid of her questioning eyes.

"Okay. Anyway, you room is on the second floor. 2C." 

"okay." I sneaked at the room under mine. 1Dj.

"I'm waiting here for you." 

I took my suitcase from her hands and turned on my heels to head to my dorm.

That was unbelievable. I told my dad that I wanted to be alone. He was the reason that I'm here right now. I wanted to be away from him. 

I was in the second floor. Girls were in the hallways, talking, laughing, playing games,.... I founded my room. I turned the door knob slowly as I opened the door I heared shouting and screaming. A blond girls was shouting at a brunet who had a smirk on her face.as I said it wasn't really exciting. 

I put my suitcases next to the wall by the door. " please finish it before I come back." By that I close the door.

I went back to downstairs. But instead of going to Blair I turned my way to the staircase on the left. 

1j, was on the first floor. Boys' dorm wasn't as crowded as girls'. I found the room. It was the last room on the right. I knocked on the door. 

No answers. I knocked again.


I heard from the room. 

Someone opened the door while he was trembling. And he was half naked. I smiled. He looked at me for 5 seconds. he sighed. 

" who the f are you?" He asked hopelessly and maybe a little released. 

"Well, you could've just ask who are you?" I complained about his swearing. 

He didn't say anything.he just kept looking at me.

"I'm looking for my brother." I said as I was looking in his eyes. 

"I haven't seen anyone."

I smiled. "Well....um ...thank you." I turned away.

"Welcome, By the way you have pretty eyes." He said.

I stopped. Was he flirting?

I turned. "Did you just_? 

"It was just a compliment." He smirked and before I could say anything he shut the door. 

I curled my lips.turned on my feet. I took the hallway to the stairs. 

WheN i was coming down stairs saw blair down stairs. She raised her eyebrows waiting for my explanation. I decided not to say anything. 

"So...what's next?" I asked, before she could ask me anything else. 

"Eh... I can show you around and tell you how things work around here!" She said. I loved the way how she was so confident. 

"Sounds good." I smiled and jumped from the last step. 

We went out side the dorms building. She told me about each building. Were each class was. The office, cafeteria, tdifferent clubs, were each group hangout. Popular ones, like themselves, mostly hangout around the fountain. We sat on the bench next to the fountain. As she pointed at each person and told me who plays who in the class. She also told me about the ones who weren't in sight. 
She told me all about people in their group. 

"Hanna Moore is a blonde, a real sweet girl but if you piss her off..., you're not going to stay alive. Believe me! She is one of my best friends, so I know her. She is not hard to understand. I mean she is a blonde." She laughed and i joint her. 

She continued. "As for her boyfriend... Jake...Ugh... He is the most annoying person I ever met. I can't deny that he is handsome. Hanna says he had a tough life but she or jake never told us about his "tough life"." 

She told me about Katerina. " Katerina is... Was in our group." She paused. 

"Was? What happened?" 

"I really don't know. She and hanna had some problems which nobody knows except them selves." She took a deep breath. 

"Okay, i don't know how to introduce myself. What do you think of me sp far?" She smiled. 

"I just met you." 

"I know. I wanna know how was my first impression." She laughed and joint her. 

I think her first impression was ok. I mean she was her self.

"I think you're confident and you keep your pride no matter what." 

She nodded in agreement. I chuckled.

" i think you are the wise one in your group." 

"Well I think i was myself in my first impression." 

We laughed. 

"Hey," she jumped "tell me about your self!"

Oh god. 

"Eh... What do you think?" I was playing the game she played a minute ago. 

"You barley talk." She complain. Well she was right. I didn't talk to her really.

"Well... You'll know me sooner or later." 

"What was that?" She crossed her eyebrows. 

"The only reason I'm here is to find myself and start over." I said honestly. 

"Wow! Well everyone deserve a second chance." She smiled sympathetically. I smiled in respose i was glad she didn't ask anything else. 


Blair showed me where each class was. I met the principle. We took my classes schedule.
We met ms. Benedict to get my uniform and books. She is responsible for the dorms. She is said to be a strict old lady which nags all the time. When i met her, well, i think she was sweet to me. Blair says that I am new here so she wants to show you good impression and she will kill me after two months. 

After everything we decided to go back to the dorms.

It was 5 by the time we got into the dorms building. The hallways were quite now. 

I opened the door to my room. I saw, I think, hanna and Katerina on their beds.

"Wow, you finished?" 

Hanna, the blond one, got up from the bed at the right, next to the wall.; and walk to me she held her hand for me "Hanna," she jumped one her toes and smiled "hanna Moore."

I shook her hand and smiled "Allison Roswell." 

"Sorry for the fight earlier." 

I chuckled. 

I looked over at the girl on the bed next on left, next to the left. She caught my look an rolled her eyes. And got back to the book she was reading. "Katerina" she said without even leave her look from the book.

"Just ignore her." Hanna rolled his eyes. 

"So you're ready for first day?" She asked trying to make me ignore her. 

"I think __" 

"You're american!" I was cut off by Katerina. 

I wasn't sure if it meant "you are american." Or "you're american?" 
So i was kind of confused. 

"Yeah..." I was like... caught. What that supposed to mean. 

"You have a weird accent. Where are you from?" 

Okay that was rude. 

I caught myself staring at her.i tried to be polite so I gave her a smile. 

"Dallas,Texas." I said. 

She nodded. She looked at my clothes.

'Okay she is crossing the line. Now she is making fun of my clothing.' I thought.

"Katerina," blair called her "that's enough." 

I think she realized my annoyance. 

"What? What did i say?" She gave an innocent face. 

"Shut up! You're just jealous!" Hanna said. 

"I'm leaving! Have fun with your... 'New friend' " she said and grabbed her book and gave me a smirk without leaving the room.

"Excuse her behavior." Blair said as she sat on the bed in the middle. 

I fake a smile. Wait. The bed in the middle was mine? 

"What is it?" Blair asked.

"Nothing... It's just... That bed is mine?" I said unsure.

"That's nothing!" She tried to control her laughter.

"I'm so so sorry." Hanna apologized and gave an innocent face." I can't get along with her." 

"And you think i can?" 

'What the hell that girl just made fun of my style and ACCENT. My accent is.... I don't even have an accent.'

I sighed. 

"What else I can do?" 

"Thank you." She smiled. I smiled back. "BTW I love your style and you're accent is cute actually!" 

I smiled as a thank you.

"And you have nice blue eyes." Blair added. 

We heard a knock on the door. 

"I get that. It's probably jake." She got up and went to the door. 

"Who's jake?" I asked Blair.

"Her boyfriend." She rolled her eyes.

"Oh it's that jake..." My voice faded as I remembered what Blair said about him. 

"Allison." I turned to see hanna instead I saw the half naked guy. I just realized that He was good-looking no denying on that. He was incredible on that dark blue hoodie.(he was wearing it on a black shirt) 
"This is jake." Hanna finished. She woke me from my thoughts. 
I stood up to shake hand or something but instead we did nothing.

"You again." He smiled.

"You guys met?" Hanna and Blair asked in unison. 

I turned.

"Once but not officially."

"Oh!" They said in unison.

"Oh, and the guy you were looking for is coming for dinner." 

"Who's that?" Hanna gave me a smile. I felt like she was kind of relieved when she heard i was looking for a guy. 

"He is my brother who I didn't know was coming here." 
I avoided looking at hanna.

"Anyway are you guys ready?" 

They nodded. And went to the door. I looked around the room for my phone. 

"By the way. Hide that somewhere where nobody can find." He pointed at my phone on my suitcase.

'Wait, is he saying that we are not allowed phones?'


"We are not allowed." 


I looked around the room for a place to hide.

"Give it to me." I looked at him. He wasn't smiling or smirking he face was completely straight. I looked at his eye that was when I realized the color of his eyes. 


Once again I got lost. I smiled. He probably had a place to hide stuffs.

He understood my expression.

"I have a hiding place." He smiled but not one of those smiles. The one that says "you can trust me" 

"Aren't you coming?" It was hanna's from the hallway. 

I put My phone on his palm. 

"What are you guys doing?" Hanna showed up from behind his back.
She was stressed. I bet she thought that he was asking for my number.

"I'm helping her to hide this." He showed her the phone. Before he put it in his back pocket. 

She nodded..

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