poison and wine


6. chapter 6

A/N so I wanted to say that I changed the name so don't get confused. The rest of the day went by good. i didn't see Austin. which i don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. I wanted to see him and talk to him but in the other hand I didn't want to see his face. I didn't know if I should feel sad or happy or angry right now. my emotions were fucked up. I chose which clubs i want to go. I was going to French. I was certain about this one. I was probably going to be better than anyone since I've been studying it since I was 14. I thought about what Jason said And I think I'd go. I didn't think about song writing or writing poems as in a career but this club could be fun. I've been on my bed for an hour now. I was glad that I was alone ,except Katerina who was asleep, and I could think without anyone interrupting. Specially hanna. I didn't know what is wrong with this girl? I didn't know if she is really sweet and spoiled a little or she is a pretentious. By the time it was ten i didn't know I was half sleep through writing about my day in my diary. Hanna didn't come. and I was assuming the worst. Or the best. a smirked formed on my face. I put my diary under my mattress. and turned my lamp off. *+*+*+*++*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+* I woke up by the sound of my alarm. I read;seven a.m. well it was better than Hanna's annoying voice. I shifted to the left side. Hanna's bed was empty and made up like she was never in it. Maybe she was out for a run. were the hell was she? I thought we shouldn't be at boys' after 8... Oh my god! I shouldn't think like that! I laughed at my own thoughts. I got up and took my towel and went to the shower. When I got out of the shower with the towel around my body Katerina was up. "Morning" I said. She responded me with a 'morning' and a smile. WOW! I dried my hair while she was in the shower. I tied my hair into a ponytail. She came out of the shower after 5 minutes with wet hair. "I know this is a stupid question but do you know where is hanna?" "Oh my... i don't wanna talk about it nor tell you about it." "I see you have a dirty mind like mine." She laughed and I joint in. I think both if the first impressions I got were vice versa. I took my bag and put my books in it. I put it on my shoulder. For a second I didn't know should i wait for her or not. "Should I um... wait for you or should...?" "Go, I'm unwanted in that group any way." I nodded and head to the door but my curiosity come into the way. again. "Why?" "Long story" I know she didn't want to say it. I totally understood her. I nodded. and opened the door. someone bumped into me. Hanna "Where were you all night?" I kind of sound angry. "Mind your own fucking business!" I think my vocabulary was better. Okay then. I think my thoughts were right. I closed the door and head to the cafeteria. ~ I grabbed my coffee and turned. i bumped to someone. why he stood so near me. I looked up. Jason. Why today I bumped to people? Do I have some kind of magnet for people who had sex? who else had sex? "Hey" I fake my fakest smile. He passed me and picked his coffee. "Same table" By that we head to the table we sat yesterday. "Did you have fun last night?" "Yeah... um..." i tried to control my laughter. suddenly his eyes went wild. "How do you know?" "You two are so obvious." "You're such a perv." That wasn't the point. "So you had fun." I said through my laughter. "Don't even ask okay?" "I thought you hated her" why he would have sex with someone he hates. "Not when It comes to sex." "Now you're the perv one." I just know him and we are talking about who is the perv one. If they were having.. i don't want to use the word anymore, so where was Austin. "Did you guys had threesome or some thing?" "What? No!" I raised my eyebrow I opened my mouth to say something but he continued "wait, do you wanna have threesome. I mean If you want..." "Shut up!" I cut him. "that wasn't the point. I meant where was Austin, if you guys were... u know..." I wasn't comfortable saying the word this time. "You just used the word sex and threesome. why you didn't say it this time?" I looked away annoyed. everything I said he got the other point and teased me about it. "I don't know where he was. that's why we started having sex." Someone bumped to my chair. I turned impulsively to see who it was. Blair. "Oh sorry." she said in sleepy voice. She pushed the chair next to me and sat on it. She just bumped into me. did she slept with someone too? as far as I know I bumped to every single person who had sex. Jason smiled at me. He looked at Blair. he was going to laugh. but Blair's glaring stopped him. "How was your night darlin'?" I give her a cheeky smile. "Why?" she looked away. "You smell like it." Jason teased. "What? No! I-I-I ..." "You're mumbling." Whom was she with? "What? no iI'm not" "Who was he?" "I didn't." she snapped. "Okay then. I'm going to get another coffee." "Bring one for me too." Jason demanded. I hoped to bumped to another one then I'll find the person. where was Austin anyway? I grabbed the coffee and head to the table I took two steps. and someone rushed next to me. Austin. Does it count as bumping? "Are you fuckin' kiddin' me?"I couldn't control myself. I was literally shouting. He and Blair. Couldn't they wait for a while. "What? I always do that?" He snapped. I caught people staring at us. I tried to lower my voice. "Ugh! couldn't you wait for a while. You guys just met!" i whisper shouted. "Who told you that I was..." "No one did." I walked pass him but caught up with me. "today I just have some stupid sex magnet." I sat on the chair next Jason. I didn't know how to feel. I mean Blair? not that there is anything wrong with she is just so innocent. I gave the coffee to Jason. I took a sip from it. I looked away. i just didn't want to talk about it again. Hanna didn't show up at cafeteria.it was just us, four. +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+ Jason and i decided to sign up for clubs together since I didn't want to see Blair. I singed for French. the classes were Mondays and wednesdays. songwriting was today. they were going to take a test. "I just don't how I should feel about this .." "Shut it. it's fine. you just have to sing one of your songs." "They are poems mostly." "That's even better. It means your songs aren't just a normal song.okay! We can work together. I play you write." That seemed a perfect idea. "We can do a duet." "We can do duets" he corrected me. "It works for me. I'M going to bring my songs. where should I meet you?" "Mine dorm? is it okay for you?" Oh god he wasn't serious. "Umm can we do it somewhere else?"I demanded. "Yes. meet at the dangerous jungle." he teased. "Ok." I went to my dorm. I picked my diary from under the mattress. and rushed out side. I passed the building at the end of the yard. he was leaning on a tree with his guitar around his body. "Wow you are faster that me." I smiled. "Nope I just got it from the class. it's not that far."he turned and went to the tree about a feet further. and sat under the shadow of it."so let's see what you have." he took my diary from me. "Heeeey. you don't have no right to see that." I reached for it but he took his hand behind his back. "and why is that?" He smirked. "Because it's ... it's my ... diary." "What you write in your diary?" he frowned. "Yes." I rolled my eyes. "We have to write a song because they are girlish." He looked at me. "Fast!" I snapped. and took my diary from his back. I say in front of him. "Okay. so what it should be about?" "I think it should be about a complicated love." "Wow it's hard. why you chose that?" "I don't know maybe because I have an unfinished song about it." I grinned. "Bring it on!" he motioned with his hand. vote, fan, comment
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