Eternal Sunlight (Book 1)

This is another series of books that take place after Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn.
7 years later and Renesmee Cullen is 17, immortal and in love with Jacob Black. Can they tell Edward and Bella their plans or will it ruin everything, especially when someone comes to look for Renesmee...


2. Small Town

I slowly stirred in my bed, as I felt the dim light fall through the window. I could still hear the rain outside, only a light drizzle; not enough to wake me up completely. I wasn't ready to get up, the night was to quick for comfort. I guess I was nervous about my first day at a real school. I stayed curled up in a ball, clutching my wolf that Jake had gotten me. It looked a little like him. It was what got me through sleepless nights. Seven years ago I slept like a log, now a days it gets worse. I tried opening my eyes. I felt a warm wetness run over my face. When I opened my eyes Jake sat next to me in his wolf form. He had his head on the bed.

"Jake," I whispered.

"Morning sunshine. Time to get ready for school," I smacked his face after wiping mine and rolled over.

"Oh no you don't," I heard him say.

Before I knew it my covers were off the bed, and apparently so were his clothes. I put my hand out to block the sight.

"Oh come on, you enjoy it Nessie," he said trying to move my hand.

"Jacob, clothes now before I beat you," I told him sternly. "Is that completely necessary?" 

I turned away and headed for my bathrobe. I put on my slippers and tied the belt of my robe. I looked at him with a slight smirk. There was no way to ever actually be mad at Jake. He was like a puppy you could yell at for a few minutes, and then give him a treat a few minutes later.

"Renesmee are you awake?" I heard my mum yell from the other room.

I could hear her getting closer, and ran to Jake. I pushed him out the open window. As I heard it lock, I turned and he was gone. My mum opened the door.

"You ready to go? You have to get over to Carlisle's to get dressed for school. Charlie is picking you up and taking you to school," she explained.

"I'll be there in a second," I told her as she exited my room.

I grabbed my bag and gathered a few of my books. The rain grew heavier as I ran across to the other house. When I got there everyone was in the living room. Dad was sitting in the corner by the piano playing a tune, while Rosalie and Emmet were fighting over the television remote. Jasper was staring out the window and Alice was massaging his neck. When Alice noticed me she came over, definitely way to excited for me to get dressed. She smiled and dragged me up to her room to get changed.

The outfit was perfect I eyed myself in the mirror. I loved the dress. I twirled around in the mirror, staring at myself. I heard a howl outside of the window, and looked down to see Jake sitting there in his wolf form once again, watching me. In my head I could see the smirk on his face.

"Charlie is here," mum said, appearing in the doorway.

"Thanks mum," I walked to the sofa and picked up my bag.

"I hope you remembered everything. What am I saying, acting human and fitting in like them is going to be pretty easy for you. Also if anyone asks we adopted." She said, reminding me once again.

She was going over what I was supposed to tell people at school. I had to claim I was adopted since I am as old as my parents are married. I don't think a seven year old would be in high school. Charlie was also taking me because my parents still looked the same as they did in school.

"I know Mum. I remember, really its ok I can handle it. Is it ok if Jake picks me up after school? He's taking me to see Billy and hang out on the reservation for a bit." I looked at her with pleading eyes. She had never disapproved of my hanging out with Jake.

"I'm sure it's ok, but your father may be a little off about the idea," she began to say.

"Off about what?" I asked.

Not even two minutes after I had asked mum, he appeared. My dad held my mum at her waste as he looked at me.

"Dad, I want to go hang out with Jake after school on the rez." I looked at him using my beautiful brown eyes. The eye's my mother had hooked him with. He took in a fake deep breath and looked down at my mum.

"It's fine, just don't be home to late, it's a school night. Remember you wanted to be a real teenager, so I'm going to be treating you like one," he said sternly. 

"Well let me out, I want to go to school", I said as I pushed through them. I headed downstairs, passed the Cullen graduation caps, and stopped for a second. I hoped one day I would be able to add to the ridiculous amount they had. Then I headed down the stairs into the main room. I stopped only a few inches from my mum's father, Charlie.

"Well there's my beautiful granddaughter, where's my hug?" He asked jokingly.

Charlie had dark hair, a dark mustache, and my ey's. He was wearing his police uniform. I placed my bag over my other shoulder and hugged him. Although I could never get used to how good he smelt, I never bit my grandfather. He pulled away and looked at me.

"You're so grown up now. I feel like time has slipped by me." He said.

"Dad, you two will be late if you don't hurry," I heard my mum say from behind me.

"Right, you ready Nessie?" He asked, as his hands dropped from my shoulders.

He gave my mum a kiss and shook dad's hand. We both turned for the door and his arm went around my shoulder. 

The car ride to school was silent. We never really talk about much except for what books I had read, and what I was up to. He never questioned anything. Even if he was thinking why I was going to high school when I should be only seven years old.

It didn't take long before we reached the school, it was a red brick building. When we entered the car park we passed a brown and white sign that read "Forks High School, Home of The Spartans." I watched as many kids walked around with their umbrellas and hoods over their heads. He pulled up in an empty spot in the car park. It was close enough to the building that I could get in without getting to wet.

"Thanks grandpa, I owe you one. I'll learn to drive soon," I leaned in to give him a hug.

"I'll remember to tell everyone to stay off the road that day," I pulled back and looked at him with piercing eyes.

"I'll be by tomorrow morning to pick you up. Have a good day Ness," he said.

"Thank you," I replied before opening the car door.

I stepped out into the car park of the unknown. I had already turned a few heads by showing up in a police car, now they all one by one started to look at me. I hurried inside to the main hallway. It was a pretty small school, the main hallway lined with light blue lockers on one side. I made my way to a wooden bench which was near the office and sat down. I scrambled for my schedule which was mailed to me, and my locker information. I found it in the blue folder I had left it in, piled with other papers about the school's information. Everyone here smelt really good, even so much that my throat burned a bit for blood, but I ignored it as I looked back down at the paper.

"Biology, great way to start the day," I muttered to myself.

I sighed and got up off the seat, placing my bag over my right shoulder. As I moved forward, I rammed right into someone. The persons books fell to the floor with a thud, but they caught their balance. Great I killed someone on my first day, I thought before I noted that they were ok.

"Oh gosh I'm never clumsy, I'm so sorry," I said as I looked down at this person.

A guy who looked around "my age" was picking up his books. His blonde spiky hair looked untouched, as his pale face looked up at me. His eyes grew wide as he stared at me, dropping a few books back on the ground. I quickly (but not to quickly) bent down to help him, he was still staring at me.

"Once again, I'm sorry this is my first day. I'm Renesmee Cullen. This is my first time at a real school. I've been home schooled, but that's already to much information since all I did was.." I trailed off.

"I'm Mitch, Mitch Newton," the dimples on his cheek became clear as he let himself relax and smile a little.

"Newton why does that sound.." I began.

"Wait you're a Cullen?" He asked.

We were both still kneeling on the floor, I had his math book in my hand as his hands lay on top of another book he had dropped, still not moving.

"Umm yeah why is that bad?" I looked at him with confused eyes.

"My cousin Mike, Mike Newton he graduated with an Edward Cullen, and went to his wedding to the girl he was madly in love with." He explained.

"Bella?" I looked at him it always felt weird saying my mum's name.

"Yeah that's it, Isabella Swan is how he likes to … How are you related?" He looked at me.

I shook off the still stance I was now taking. "Bella's well she's my step mum, her and Edward, my step dad, adopted me."

I was now looking down at him, he still had not moved. After a minute he finally realized and stood up. I handed him the books in my hand.

"Oh wow what a small world, what year are you?" He asked, taking his books under his arm.

"I'm a junior and yourself?" I asked in return.

"Me to, and what's your first class…." He asked.

"Biology," we both ended up saying at the same exact time.

I saw him blush as I did I laughed to ease the moment.

"Awesome. So, I'm sure you know your way around and wouldn't mind showing a new girl around? I mean we practically know each other right?" I tried to ease the weirdness that was beginning to grow.

He smiled and took his free arm and grabbed mine. "To bio?"

"To bio," I answered back, we both laughed as he led the way to the biology lab.

As the day progressed I noticed I started to feel more comfortable walking through the halls of the school. Around noon I headed to the cafeteria, I had just finished changing after gym class and was heading into the world of cliques. I looked around the cafeteria, the big windows were on one side letting the light into the cafeteria. Flags from around the world hung from the ceiling, and a salad bar in the middle of the room. I looked around, everyone already knew each other, I felt like the outcast until I saw waving arms in my direction, it was the Newton kid again. He was sitting at a table with two other girls and another guy. One of the girls had red-brown hair, she was pale like everyone here, the other girl had blond hair and looked a bit on the snobbish side. The guy sitting next to him had black hair covering his eyes, and surprisingly was one of the only students that had a tan. I smiled and hesitantly walked over to them.

"Guys, this is Renesmee. Renesmee this is Gary Sanders, Melissa Stanley," he said pointing to the blond haired girl, "and that's Rebecca Winthrop."

Why I needed last names was beyond me, except for maybe Melissa, this town is way to small with to many family members.

"Oh, you're the new Cullen everyone is gossiping about," Melissa said eyeing me. I smiled slightly.

"I'm being gossiped about?" I questioned as they all laughed.

"Take it as a compliment, and sit down," Mitch stated pointing the seat next to his friend Gary.

I put my bag by my legs, and sat down on the metal chair. I felt Melissa staring at me.

"Melissa is Jessica's cousin, apparently she knows way to much about your family from her chatter box of a cousin." Mith stated.

I laughed, I still didn't understand why everyone in this town had to be related to someone. The rest of lunch was weird, they all wanted to know if I was anorexic because I didn't eat anything. I just told them I had a big dinner waiting at home for me. It was true, Emmett and I were going hunting later once I was home from Jake's. We had planned it a few nights ago just in case things went horribly wrong. After lunch I had English, math and history, not the greatest way to end the day. Mitch was in my last class, his friends Melissa and Gary were in my math class, and I was all by myself in English

The only time the minutes went slowly for me was the last ten minutes of history. I felt Mitch staring at me and it was like he was trying to burn a hole in my head. I looked out the window, I had a view of the car park. In the distance I could see him, Jake standing there in his human form, fully dressed for once. I couldn't miss him even in his human form. I smiled to myself. In a human like speed raced to my locker. A pale hand smacked against the locker beside me.

"Leaving without saying goodbye?" I turned my head to see Newton standing beside me.

"No, just ready to get out of here," I laughed, I stuck my head back into my locker.

Finally, after a minute of making sure I had the right notebooks for homework I shut it, he was still standing there.

"So you coming back tomorrow, or is public school to much for you Cullen?" He questioned with a smile. I began to walk down the hallway as he proceeded to follow me.

"I'll think about it," I joked hitting his arm. I could tell I made some sort of impact because he grabbed his arm.

"You should join the wrestling team or something," he moaned, half joking.

"Right, look I got to go someone is waiting for me. I'll see you tomorrow," I said racing once again at human speed, which was just not fast enough out the door.

I raced across the car park, he was still standing there waiting for me. I ran into his arms and he spun me around. He put me down and was not afraid to plant a big kiss on my lips. I didn't want to pull away I loved being away from home for this reason. No one around to catch us. I pulled away and looked at him.

"I thought we'd run to the res. I have a surprise for you, if you like danger." He said with a smug look.

"I live for danger," I told him.

"I'll race ya," I crouched down into a position like I was attacking a meal and Jake was leaning down ready to go.

"one… two…" before he could say three I was running up ahead of him.

"You cheated," he yelled after me.

Running far distances was exhilarating. The wind blowing through my curls, and hitting my face felt great. The rain had let up and the air was a bit muggy, but cool as we ran through the forests to his house. We got to his house. It was a small red house, nice and cosy. To me it felt like home away from home. The garage door was open and that's where he headed. As he was about to claim victory I raced forward and made it to the other side of the garage. Once inside I put my back to the bench behind me and faced him.

"Beat ya," I laughed.

He growled at me and came over to my side, then began to tickle me. I squirmed and hit him, I also threatened to bite him. After we calmed down for a bit, he walked over to a blue tarp on the other side of the garage. It was next to his car that he really hadn't used in a while. I think he preferred running.

"What's under there?" I questioned him. It was way to small to be a car. I headed towards it.

"Don't tell your parents I am showing you this, or maybe letting you use it." He looked at me and I looked back with a confused expression.

He took off the cover and revealed a black motor bike. My jaw dropped. I touched the bike walking around it examining every inch.

"See I was supposed to sell it about eight years ago, but I just couldn't part with it. I thought maybe some day it would come back in use, it was your mum's." Jake explained.

He looked at me as I straddled the seat. I felt him come from behind me and grab my waste, he began to kiss my neck, I giggled.

"This is awesome Jake." I touched the handle bars and put one foot up on the pedal.

"I know I am." He said, asI rolled my eyes.

"Not you the bike you ass," I scolded with a laugh.

"So would you like to take it for a spin?" He asked.

"Could I really?" I asked,  my eyes growing bigger.

"You have the same look your mother did when she eyed it," he said.

"When she was human right?" I turned my head to see him.

"Yeah. That was a bad time and riding this thing made her feel better, but Charlie didn't think so," he said.

"Let's get this thing on the road before it rains again," I said ready to roll.

He got off the back of the bike and walked over to the helmets. He put a black helmet on my head, and snapped the strap under my chin.

"Cute," he said as he grabbed his. I got off the bike, and he brought it out to the pavement so that we could test it out.

"I am going to let you drive," he told me. I didn't feel any fear at all. He told me exactly what I had to do before I did it, I was ready.

"Go ahead," he said after explaining. I turned it on and the roar made me excited. I put my foot on the pedal and we slowly took off.

"Don't kill me now Ness," he warned.

"I'll try not to, " I said as I began to pick up speed.

I had never felt this free in my life. It was almost as exciting as running through the forest. I can't even remember the last time I had this much fun. With Jake's arms wrapped tightly around my body, I felt better than ever. We had lost track of time and it had been dark for about two hours before we returned to Jake's. When we got back we saw Billy sitting next to the garage. Billy was Jake's father. He looked like Jake, he had dark skin and long black hair. He didn't look to happy as Jake carried the bike back to the garage. There was a bright light above where Billy was sitting.

"Do you realize I have had none stop phone calls from the Cullen's, where have you two been? I suggest you take Renesmee back home Jake." He looked disappointed as he rolled his wheelchair back towards the ramp to get into the house.

"Sorry dad," he said.

Billy raised his hand and went inside. I guess it was to call my parents. Since Alice couldn't see Jake and I they worried a lot more then they should.

"I should get you back, I had a good time today," he said as pulled me into a hug. We had walked back into the garage and were now all alone.

"Will you sleep outside my window again?" I asked, hopefully.

"You know I will," he told me.

Once again time slipped away. We were sitting on the cold garage floor, his arms wrapped around me. He kissed me passionately like usual, my finger tips, my neck my lips he drove me crazy.

"JACOB BLACK SERIOUSLY GET THAT GIRL HOME BEFORE YOU CAUSE TROUBLE, EDWARD IS FURIOUS!" We heard Billy yell from the doorway of the house. It interrupted our private moment and I jumped up.

"I don't want to take you home," he moaned.

"I know it's so free here, no worries," I said still holding onto him.

"JACOB NOW!" His father yelled.

"RELAX!" Jake yelled back.

"I'm not sixteen anymore but he sure still treats me like I am," he sighed.

I really didn't want to face what was waiting for me at home. When we got to the house Jake ran straight to the cottage outside my window so that he wouldn't get screamed at to. My parents were waiting outside on the porch for me, great.

"Renesmee Carlie Cullen where have you been?" My father's voice was deep and angry. "And where is that dog I'll kill him."

My mum ran to my side and kissed my head. "Edward enough she's safe that's all that matters." 

"Bella she can't be out late she wanted this. Especially with Jacob, what is with you two lately, anyway your acting really off almost like.." he began to say.

"Almost like what dad?" I yelled. "Tell Emmett I'll go hunting tomorrow after school. I'm not in the mood I have homework to do." 

Once I got in my room I slammed the door shut, and jumped on the bed. All I wanted to do was cry. I let it all out as I screamed my heart out into my pillow. My window opened and warm arms were around me in seconds.

"Jake, you need to leave they're most likely coming in here to yell at me some more so just go," I cried.

"Nessie look at me," his hands ran through my hair, I turned to see him.

"Don't worry about it ok, for now concentrate on your work, I'm sorry I kept you so long." He murmured.

"Renesmee," I heard my mother call. Before she was in the room Jake was gone. I wiped my tears and looked at her.

"I'm sorry," she quickly sat next to me and brushed my hair.

"We got you something it's for school." She pointed to the other side of the room. There was a desk with a computer chair and a laptop with a bow around it. I was to worked up that I hadn't even notice.

"We thought since you're going to school you could use the laptop. It's from your father and myself." I looked up at her and felt so bad that I had been late. I wanted to tell her everything, about me and Jake.

"Thank you," I hugged her tight, we both sat there for a few moments in silence.

"I met Mike Newton and Jessica Stanley's cousins today at school," after a few minutes of silence it was the only way I could break it.

"Apparently Mike was in love with you?" I looked at her. She smiled, I knew her memory of that time was a little blurry, but she definitely wouldn't forget them.

"Yeah, watch out for those Newton kids," she laughed.

"Mike Newton where?" I heard my fathers voice, calmer then it had been when I had first arrived.

"Nessie has Mike's cousin in class with her, isn't that great?" My dad looked at her and rolled his eyes.

"Great another Newton." Mum and dad laughed. He walked towards us, before he reached my bed where we were sitting I ran into his arms.

"Thank you for the desk, the laptop for everything. I'm sorry," he held me close and put his head on mine.

"Don't worry about it, I over reacted, ask your mother, I'm good at that," he laughed. I smiled through my tears.

"Now let me get some homework done you two. Thanks again for the computer," I let them know one last time before they exited my room and shut the door.

After a long day it was nice to finally be alone. I opened up the book I was given in English, 'To Kill A Mockingbird.' I had heard good reviews on the book, so I curled up in bed and began to read.

The night was growing into the morning hours before I had noticed. Slowly my head sunk onto my pillow. I ignored the warm hands touching my forehead and taking the book out of my hands. I heard it being placed on my desk. I felt them make sure I was tucked in, and felt warm lips against my forehead. It was Jake of course, his lips were close to my ear.

"Sleep well my angel," he said as I slipped back into the darkness of sleep.

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