Stay With Me. [H.S.]

Amy Brooks. An 18 year old, and only child.
She lives with her parents in London and isn't really popular at school. Everyone hates her, that's the reason why she gets bullied.
Britney is one of the worst out of all the bullies who keeps spreading rumours around school about her and insults Amy until she cries herself to sleep. And Harry .. He's the biggest bully. He hurts people, judges people and just makes them feel the most hated people on earth. One day his mood turns around and goes from dark to bright when he starts to feel attracted to Amy. And her life only gets worse by what she hears from her parents.....


32. Thirty-Two.

Harry and I went to sit down on his bed, looking into his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Amy.."

"For what?"

"Everything.. That I didn't want to talk to you and all. You're right, it was my fault. It always has been."

"Just let it go, Harry. If you keep being the way you are now, you can stay in school. You're an amazing human and care so much about me, just try to do that with other people too."

He smiled and gave me a big kiss.

"I love you, Amy. I'll never love anyone as much as I love you."

"And I love you, Harry. So-so much."

I slowly fell asleep in Harry's arms after about 10 minutes.




I woke up because of my phone that was ringing. I took it from the night table and answered the call.

My eyes were barely open so I didn't even look who was calling.


"Heeey, were you sleeping? Did I wake you up?"

"Oh, hi Jennete. No, it's fine. What's wrong?"

"I just wanted to ask if you'd want to go to the movies with me? Harry can come along."

"Yeah, sure."

"See you at seven?"


"Jennete asked if we wanted to go to the movies with her", I told Harry when I saw him rubbing his eyes.

"Do you want to go?"

"I said yes, so yeah."

"Okay, have fun."

"What do you mean? I said 'we', as in you and I.."

"I'm going to Niall's tonight."

"Really?... Maybe you can ask him to come along? I'm sure Jennete won't mind."

"Yeah, true. I will text him", he took his phone from his night table and started typing, lying it back to its place after a minute.

"Done", he smiled and came closer to me, sitting straight and wrapping his arm around my waist, giving me a long kiss on the lips.

I stood up, just like Harry did, and picked some clothes out of my suitcase. I went to the bathroom and put my clothes on, did my hair like always and went back to Harry after brushing my teeth.

"Niall is coming."

I smiled and nodded, looking outside. My eyes widened and I felt the world stop around me.

"Baby, what's wrong??" Harry asked worried and stood next to me in only a second.

I pointed outside, making him turn his head which made his eyes widen too.

They're here.

The bell rang and Harry ran downstairs.

"Don't open the door!" I heard him scream to his parents.

I followed Harry and looked at his parents who had a confused face.

"What's wrong? What happened?" Anne asked worried.

"Amy her parents are here", Harry said , walking closer to me.


"Harry-", "It's okay, Amy. Go to my room, I'll be there in a few."

I did what he told me and sat down on his bed, my legs against my chest and my arms wrapped around them.

I was so scared. How did they find me? What are they doing here?

They're not my parents anymore!

Harry came into the bedroom after a few minutes, sitting down next to me.

"Is everything okay?"

"Not really.."

"How do they know you're here??"

"I don't know.. I'm sorry, Harry.."

"Don't be sorry. It's going to be fine", he whispered - hugging me.

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