Stay With Me. [H.S.]

Amy Brooks. An 18 year old, and only child.
She lives with her parents in London and isn't really popular at school. Everyone hates her, that's the reason why she gets bullied.
Britney is one of the worst out of all the bullies who keeps spreading rumours around school about her and insults Amy until she cries herself to sleep. And Harry .. He's the biggest bully. He hurts people, judges people and just makes them feel the most hated people on earth. One day his mood turns around and goes from dark to bright when he starts to feel attracted to Amy. And her life only gets worse by what she hears from her parents.....


39. Thirty-Nine.

*11 am.*

I woke up because of Harry poking in my stomach.

"Harry what are you doing?" I groaned.

"I'm trying to get you awake."

"I'm awake now!" I said and threw a pillow to his head after he kept poking.


"Your fault", I shrugged.

"Thanks!" he said and gave me a kiss. I smiled and yawned, looking around.  Everyone was gone.

"Where are the others?"

"They're in the kitchen. That's why I was waking you up.

"Did I really sleep the most here?"

Harry nodded and left the living room to go to the kitchen. I followed him and yawned again.

"Goodmorning!" everyone smiled.

"Hey, I'm sorry guys" I chuckled.

"It's okay" Jennete said, smiling. I was still mad at her though.

I sat next to Niall and Harry while eating my breakfast.

"Did you sleep well?" Jennete asked.

"Yeah" I said, shrugging my shoulders.

Harry laughed and shook his head.

"What?" Jack asked, looking confused as fuck.

"Nothing" Harry said and ate further.

Everyone left Jennete's house when we finished eating breakfast.

I waited a few minutes for Harry while sitting on the couch.

"Are you ready?" Harry asked and grabbed his phone.

"No", he looked confused and sat down next to me.

"Jennete?" I shouted through the house. It took her a few seconds before she ran down the stairs and into the living room.

"What's up?"

"I still want to know why-"

"Because I wanted you to! Stop asking me questions about yesterday. If you're really mad at me just leave my house."

I frowned deeply, looked into her eyes and quickly grabbed my phone - running out of her house.

"No I did-" Jennete started but I already left.

"Babe" Harry came after me.

"Why are you still mad at her? It was just a game. I'm happy you didn't kiss Niall but it's the past already."

"Harry you don't get it. I know she's hiding something and I'm hundred percent sure she really wanted me to."

"What is she hiding then?"

"I don't know."

"Please go inside and just be friends again" Harry sighed.

"Why? You want me to be with you, alone. So if I'm friends with her, it's not good but you want me to be friends again?"

"Yes I want to be alone with you sometimes but not this way. I don't want you to fight with her over something stupid like this."

"It's not stupid."

"Babe plea-"

"No Harry" I rolled my eyes and made my way to Harry's house.

"Fine" I heard him sigh and walk behind me.


When we arrived to his house, we directly went to his bedroom.

I heard him saying, and he ran after me. When Harry and i were at his house, we went to his bedroom.

"I'm sorry, Harry"

"It's alright" he said as we both sat down on his bed.

"I understand you, but you can't be mad at Jennete forever-" I interrupted him by a kiss.

"She also didn't want to talk about you and me. I told her I was dating you so I didn't want to kiss Niall. She just said she didn't want to hear it."

"Maybe she just doesn't like me" Harry kissed me again.

"No, that's not what I mean. I told you, she's hiding something. So maybe she didn't wa-"

Harry kept kissing my lips, neck, cheeks,..

"Ha-harry, stop. I'm telling you something", I giggled.

"I don't wanna talk about Jennete."

"Okay than but I don't-"

"Alright" Harry said and grabbed his phone from the night table while sitting against his wall.



"I just said that I was explaining something and stuff and you're just taking your phone like you don't care at all?" I chuckled.

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay. Be right back" I sighed and went downstairs.

I was so hungry so I walked to the kitchen and grabbed something off the shelf.

I wanted to walk upstairs again but the bell suddenly rang.

I looked around and noticed Harry's parents weren't even here.

I walked to the hallway and opened the door.

Everything suddenly became blurry and I didn't remember how to breath..

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