Stay With Me. [H.S.]

Amy Brooks. An 18 year old, and only child.
She lives with her parents in London and isn't really popular at school. Everyone hates her, that's the reason why she gets bullied.
Britney is one of the worst out of all the bullies who keeps spreading rumours around school about her and insults Amy until she cries herself to sleep. And Harry .. He's the biggest bully. He hurts people, judges people and just makes them feel the most hated people on earth. One day his mood turns around and goes from dark to bright when he starts to feel attracted to Amy. And her life only gets worse by what she hears from her parents.....


38. Thirty-Eight.

I decided to go for a walk with Harry, it was around 6pm. We left the house and got to the park after about 5 minutes.

My phone directly buzzed when we sat down on a bench.

Jennete x: "Heeyy, do you wanna come over? There's a little party at my house with Niall, Jack, Joseph, Lola and Drake. Lola won't stay here for a long time though. It's a sleepover party :) Please come, it'd be much better with you and Harry here. Love you and see you tonight XD xx"

Jennete texted. I laughed and started typing while I told Harry about the "party".

"Ofcourse, if you want to go" Harry said as we walked back to his house.

"Yes, I'm sure it'll be fun" I smiled.

I took my night suit from my suitcase and went downstairs again, seeing Harry in the hallway.

"Do you have everything with you?" I asked him and took my phone.

"Yes, ready to go."

Harry opened the door before we got into his car and left to Jennete's house.



*Jennete's house.*

We knocked on the door and waited 5 seconds before it flew open.

"Heeey, I'm so happy you came!" Jennete smiled brightly and hugged both of us.

I chuckled and walked into her house, Harry following behind. It felt like she hasn't seen us in years.

"Hey", we said as we hugged everyone. We did the same like all the others, sat down on the ground.

I sat down in between Harry and Niall. I didn't know why Jennete didn't want to sit next to me.. I knew she wanted to try something but I have no idea what...

After a few minutes we all decided to play a game. Lola went home because she had to work tomorrow. She was the oldest one from all of us so she works now.

We started playing Truth Or Dare as Jennete began, directly giving her attention to me.

"I dare you to kiss Niall again" she smiled proudly.

"What?" Harry, Niall and I asked - almost shouting.

"Why again? Have you both kissed already? When? I thought you were dating Harry, Amy?" Jack asked. He was Jennete's friend - like all the others here.

"Yes and I want to see it again! Do it or you'll have to do something else which is no fun.." Jennete smirked.

"I wanna do something else.." I said, slightly scared. Why did she even say that? She knows I'm dating Harry and I don't want to kiss Niall, what the fuck.

"Oh come on, you can't do anything else! Just kiss Niall."

"If you want me to kiss him than you can kiss him too", I stated.

'Ow, come on. You can't do something else! Just kiss Niall!!'

"No", she frowned.

"Jennete, can I talk to you for a second?"

"Sure", she said and went to the bathroom.

"Why do you want me to kiss Niall? You know I'm-"

"Stop talking about Harry, it's just a game!"

"If it's just a game than you can easily kiss Niall too."

"Because I don't like him."

"I don't even like him either?!"

"Just freaking kiss him and don't be so annoying about this."

"Jennete, kissing is not just a game to me or isn't fun in this stuff! I'm not going to kiss Niall especially when I'm dating Harry. I had a fight with him already because of it and I don't think he would want that also. I don't want to argue with him, again."

"Can you for once shut up about Harry?!"


"Because that's all you talk about and-... Nevermind."

"Jennete.. What's wrong?"

"Nothing, just kiss Niall and then forget about it."

"Fine, I will forget about it. But not the kiss" I said and walked out of the room.

"We're leaving, Harry" I said and grabbed my stuff - heading outside.

Harry directly ran after me and stopped me just when I wanted to get into the car.

"Baby, what's wrong?"

"I wanna go home."

"Why? What's up?"

"Didn't you hear what Jennete said?"

"Yeah, the kiss and all - I did hear that but I didn't like it. You don't have to do it but we can stay here?"

"You can stay here, Harry, but can I go to your house than?"

"No, you're not going alone. It's too late, just stay here babe. You don't have to kiss him."

"I'm just mad at Jennete."

"But she's your best friend?"

"I have Lola and some other people too."

"Baby.. That's rude."

I sighed as Harry hugged me. I smiled and wrapped my arms around him too, while going back to Jennete's house.

"I'm sorry, guys" I said and went back to Niall.

"You don't have to do it" Niall whispered as Harry took my hand. I smiled at Niall and looked at the others.

We started watching a movie after the game, food and drinks on the table.

I was still mad at Jennete, because I knew she was hiding something, but what..

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