Stay With Me. [H.S.]

Amy Brooks. An 18 year old, and only child.
She lives with her parents in London and isn't really popular at school. Everyone hates her, that's the reason why she gets bullied.
Britney is one of the worst out of all the bullies who keeps spreading rumours around school about her and insults Amy until she cries herself to sleep. And Harry .. He's the biggest bully. He hurts people, judges people and just makes them feel the most hated people on earth. One day his mood turns around and goes from dark to bright when he starts to feel attracted to Amy. And her life only gets worse by what she hears from her parents.....


9. Nine.

"Everything alright?" Harry asked and pulled me up.

"Yeah, I'm fine", I said and thanked him afterwards.

"What was that for?" Harry asked as soon as he turned his head to Britney. He was furious.

"No reason. I just love to see her falling", Britney shrugged her shoulders and looked at her other two 'friends'.

"Britney, I know you didn't do it for that reason!" I said and stepped closer to her.

"For which reason than?" Harry frowned and looked at me.


"She's afraid to tell you."

I really wish I could rip that smirk off of her face. It annoys me so much.

"Shut up, Britney. Amy, what's wrong?" Harry turned his attention to me as I felt people staring at us three.

I hated attention and this was killing me.

"Nothing but Britney, if you're saying I'm afraid... Why don't you explain than?"

"If you really want me to", she walked closer to Harry and raised her eyebrows at me. "Amy likes you, Styles. She's afraid to admit it. She's afraid that you're going to love me. But I told her-"

"You better told her I didn't like you 'cause I never would", Harry interrupted her.

Ha, bitch.

"I don't even fucking like you either."

"I didn't even say I liked you, Harry! She said that you didn't love me and-" I started but he interrupted me too.

"Stop, okay. I don't like you Britney."

"So you like Amy?! You're not denying it."

"No", he sighed annoyed.

"Why do you talk to her than? I thought you hated her like everyone else does. You told me that she's ugly and that nobody even wants her. That she's useless and worthless and-"

"SHUT UP!" Harry screamed. Before anyone else could say something, I ran away through the crowd and through the corridors.

"Are you happy now?!" I heard him scream.

"Yes", I turned my head and saw her smirk for the last time until I turned around again and ran away to my locker.

I want this day to be over.

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