Stay With Me. [H.S.]

Amy Brooks. An 18 year old, and only child.
She lives with her parents in London and isn't really popular at school. Everyone hates her, that's the reason why she gets bullied.
Britney is one of the worst out of all the bullies who keeps spreading rumours around school about her and insults Amy until she cries herself to sleep. And Harry .. He's the biggest bully. He hurts people, judges people and just makes them feel the most hated people on earth. One day his mood turns around and goes from dark to bright when he starts to feel attracted to Amy. And her life only gets worse by what she hears from her parents.....


44. Fourty-Four.

*AMY'S P.O.V.*

I made my way to the kitchen, opening the fridge and sighing when I saw nothing was in there. Just some drinks.

"Harryyyy?!" I screamed.

"Yes?" he screamed back from upstairs.

"There's nothing to eat!"


I groaned and went upstairs again.

"There's nothing in the fridge to eat."


"I'm hungry!" Harry nodded and stood up, taking his phone and jacket.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to the mall, you're hungry."

"Wait!" I ran to his closet and grabbed my jacket and phone from the night table again.

"I'm ready", I smiled and went downstairs with Harry.


After 10 minutes, we got to Nando's instead of the mall.

"Hungry hungry hungry!" I said.

"You're always hungry, just like Niall", Harry laughed.

"True actually.. Speaking of Niall, have you heard anything of him already?"

"Uhm, no. But I'll see him at school again next monday so.."

I nodded and sighed at the thought of school starting soon again, we had a week off.

"I'm so freaking hungry, why are all these people here."

"Nando's is a really great restaurant and maybe there are other people being really hungry too" Harry shrugged.

I rolled my eyes and gave him a quick kiss on his cheek.

"Table for two?" we nodded and watched her look at a list.

"There's a table right next to the counter. You'll see the table as soon as you get off the stairs", she smiled politely.

We thanked her and went downstairs and just like she told us, we'd see the table as soon as we got here.

We sat down and looked around.

"I'll go order our food, what do you want?"

I told Harry what I wanted and watched him walk to the counter.

I smiled again.

I'm so happy to have such an amazing boyfriend.

I don't think I've ever been this happy in my life before.



I made my way to the counter and waited in line. It was soon my turn so I smiled at the waitress.

She was around my age and had brown hair. I might add that she was beautiful, but she's not Amy ya know.

"So.. What's your name, bad boy?" she asked and gave me a wink.

"Harry.." I said, frowning.

Don't do it girl.

"Beautiful name for someone like you."


"You look like a bad boy, a cute one. Maybe hot also."

"Okay.." I really wanted to walk back to my table and sit with Amy again. I haven't even ordered my food and she kept asking me questions.

Didn't she see the 3 people behind me?

"Are you alone?" she asked, smirking.


"Oh.. Who's with you?"

"My girlfriend", I smilled proudly.

"Girlfriend?" she moved away from the counter and frowned.

"Okay than", she rolled her eyes and walked away.

What the hell?

"What took you so long?" Amy asked confused when I sat back in front of her.

"I honestly have no idea."

She chuckled and took a sip of her drink.



"Here", the girl from a while ago said, almost throwing our plates on the table.

"What the fuck is wrong with her?" Amy asked, shocked.

"I don't know babe, let's just eat and let it go."

"Okay", she nodded weakly.

The waitress came back with other drinks. She was still mad and I don't even know why. I didn't do anything bad to her nor said something hurtful.

I just told her I have a girlfriend, she doesn't need to flirt with me.

Amy and I kept eating further and talked about random stuff.

It was a great night.

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