The Non-Society Girl

Jassy - short for Joselyn - is being forced. It isn't her choice. She really does not want to be a society girl. She doesn't want to dress fancy and go to dinner parties and dance fancy and proper. She just wants to live her life like any ordinary teenager. But, she's not getting the option. So when her mother threatens to take away her internet, phone and laptop, she agrees. And gets more than just sitting in the corner with her bff when said bff leaves and she's asked to dance. By a pair of cute, identical twins. Names? Jack and Finn Harries.


6. Wrong

That wasn't how I pictured the night going. Not at all. 

In all honesty, I expected to sit in the corner and eat, keeping to myself. 

I didn't expect to see Jack. I didn't expect to dance with him. I didn't expect him kissing me. 

Simple as that. Right?


I ran into him on my way home from school. He slipped his arm around my waist and I pushed it away, glaring at him. 

"What gives you the right to do that?" 

"Uh, I kissed you at the party." 

"Your point?" I walked faster. 

"I thought..." 

"You thought wrong, Jack." 

"Jassy you can't seriously think-" 

"Think what, Jack? That it meant nothing? Of course I can. That it I honestly don't care? I can, and do. Sorry." I pushed past him and he stopped on the sidewalk. 

"Jassy!" He called, which I ignored. 

"No, Jack. Just leave me alone. Tell your brother that as well. Keep the bracelets, as long as I don't have to see either of you ever again!" I called back to him. 

He didn't say anything after that. 

I was glad to be rid of them, they just keep confusing me, how I look at everything... Nothing felt the same anymore, not since I'd met them at the party that night. 

Something felt wrong about that. Me not being able to find Maia, both of them happening to ask me to dance... 

Like I said, I was glad to be rid of them. But yet, when I was alone in my room, I still cried. 

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