The Non-Society Girl

Jassy - short for Joselyn - is being forced. It isn't her choice. She really does not want to be a society girl. She doesn't want to dress fancy and go to dinner parties and dance fancy and proper. She just wants to live her life like any ordinary teenager. But, she's not getting the option. So when her mother threatens to take away her internet, phone and laptop, she agrees. And gets more than just sitting in the corner with her bff when said bff leaves and she's asked to dance. By a pair of cute, identical twins. Names? Jack and Finn Harries.


3. The Morning After

The next morning I rolled over and slammed my hand onto the snooze button on my alarm clock. I hate mornings. Especially monday mornings. And after a party that didn't end till midnight. 

I threw off my covers and walked over to my closet, picking out a pair of plain black skinny jeans, a three quarter sleeve, navy blue, v-neck and a navy blue varsity jacket.I threw my hair up into a messy bun and slid my dark brown, leather combat boots on my feet. 

After sluggishly making my way down the stairs, I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a banana, a juice box and headed out the door and started my walk to school. 

"Hey Jas, how's it going?" Maia asked me when she caught up to me in the school parking lot. "Recover from yesterday yet?" 

"No, I'm tired as fuck." I told her and wiped my eyes, thankful I hadn't bothered with makeup this morning. 

"Well I had a great time, remember the guy who asked me to dance? His name is Nick and we spent the whole night together! Then he gave me his number!" 

"So that's why I didn't see you again, then?" 

"Oh, I totally forgot! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to forget, it's just... You did see him didn't you?" 

"Of course I did, and I'm not mad, just grumpy and tired. My mom wasn't even awake this morning." I told her as we entered through the front doors. "She makes me go to this party and then crashes afterwards because she had to stay up till midnight to get me." 

"Yeah, I just wish you'd take my advice and come live with me already, she clearly didn't want a child, so she's not gonna treat you nicely." 

"I know. You're going to the mall with me still to get my things?" 

"I can't, my mom needs me to help her with the kids and dinner. She wants to surprise my dad for their anniversary." 

"Oh okay, I'll just go by myself. It's no big deal, I was hoping for a second opinion." 

"I know, and I really want to go..." 

"Maia, don't worry, I'll see you in class." I told her as she passed me to go to her class.

I opened my locker gathered my things and pushed up the sleeves of my varsity jacket some so it wouldn't be so hot. 

Well, it looks like I'll be making a trip to the mall, alone. 

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