The Non-Society Girl

Jassy - short for Joselyn - is being forced. It isn't her choice. She really does not want to be a society girl. She doesn't want to dress fancy and go to dinner parties and dance fancy and proper. She just wants to live her life like any ordinary teenager. But, she's not getting the option. So when her mother threatens to take away her internet, phone and laptop, she agrees. And gets more than just sitting in the corner with her bff when said bff leaves and she's asked to dance. By a pair of cute, identical twins. Names? Jack and Finn Harries.


8. More Like This

Another party. 

Yes, there is another one. What did you expect, two and done, no. Apparently that's not how it worked. That's what my mum said anyway. 

So here I was, admiring myself in the mirror before I left. 

This time I was in a 50's Stella Sweet-heart red polka dot halter dress with suede ankle-strap ballet flats and a black fringe cross body bag. 

I was so not looking forward to this. 

Now I was sitting in the corner at a table, eating some fancy food, and drinking ginger ale as I tried to stay hidden from anyone that could possibly want to disturb me. Occasionally though, a cute enough guy would come up to me and I would look at them with this evil look like if they disturbed me I would kill them and they left me alone. 

Till one guy came over and sat next to me after I'd finished my food. 

"A pretty girl shouldn't be sitting over her alone." He said and I looked up at him. 

"Well that explains why I'm sitting over here then. All the pretty girls are dancing." I joked. 

He laughed. "I'm Chance, would you like to dance with me?" 

"Jassy. And no, actually. Sorry."

"Come on, you look like you could use a dance." 

I bit my lip and scanned the crowd, and my eyes landed on one of the brown haired, green eyed boys I'd been hoping to avoid and an answer formed in my head. 

"You know what, why not?" I took his hand and let him lead me out onto the dance floor. We took the formal stance and twirled around to the music. 

I felt eyes on my back and  when we twirled around to wear they were coming from, I caught Jack and Finn watching me. I cast a smirk their way and continued my dance with Chance. Hehe, that rhymed. 

After three different songs ending, I decided that I was starting to get a little light-headed and me and Chance parted, but not before I got his number. 

So maybe this is more like what I originally thought these things were gonna be like. 

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