The Non-Society Girl

Jassy - short for Joselyn - is being forced. It isn't her choice. She really does not want to be a society girl. She doesn't want to dress fancy and go to dinner parties and dance fancy and proper. She just wants to live her life like any ordinary teenager. But, she's not getting the option. So when her mother threatens to take away her internet, phone and laptop, she agrees. And gets more than just sitting in the corner with her bff when said bff leaves and she's asked to dance. By a pair of cute, identical twins. Names? Jack and Finn Harries.


1. Getting Ready

"Jassy! Get up here and get ready for the ball!" 

"Mom! Stop calling it a ball, it's a fancy party. Balls are in fairy tales!" I complained as I stomped up the stairs. 

"Jassy Anne! Get up here right now!" 

"I'm coming!" 

I opened my door to my bedroom and saw my mother laying out clothes for the party tonight. The city of London was holding a black tie party for all teens over the age of seventeen up till twenty two. I was not looking forward to this. 

My mother didn't even let me see what she'd layed out before helping me dress. I stopped her before she could touch my hair or makeup. 

"Stop. If you get to pick out what I wear and the shoes, at least let me do everything else." 

"Fine. But if you change, I am coming back up here and doing it all myself." She stormed out of the room. Talk about over dramatic. 

I sat down at my makeup table and turned on my curling iron. While I waited for it to heat up I did my makeup simple, as I usually do. Liquid black eyeliner, black mascara and chocolate brown eye shadow. Sighing I started looking through my drawers to see if I could find anything my mother would deem, 'appropriate.' I found golden hoop earrings, a golden owl ring, and three golden infinity bracelets. One with a golden chain, one with blue beads and one with orange beads. My curling iron beeped, signalling it was up to temperature and I grabbed it and started to put light curls in my long chocolate brown hair. When it was all curled, I grabbed a handful of bobby pins and started pinning it off to one side so it would hang over one shoulder.  

Once I'd finished, I looked in the mirror on the back of my door and saw the dress for the first time. It was a long red, elegant, gem empire waist dress. I picked up the bottoms and made my way downstairs, careful not to trip and fall. 

"Oh, Jassy, you look beautiful!" My mother exclaimed. 

"Yeah, thanks. Where are my shoes?" 

"Don't you use that tone with me!" I sighed. "They're right over there." She pointed over to a box on the dining room table. I walked over and opened the box and my face instantly dropped. It was a pair of black pumps, yay! 

I sighed once more and managed to slip them on my feet and walk back over to my mother without falling and landing on my face, like I predicted I would. She smiled and clapped before pinning a black feather pendant around my neck. 

"You look wonderful, let's get you to that ball." She squealed. 

"Mom, it's not a ball!" I whined. 

"Shh, Jassy." 

I rolled my eyes but followed her out to the car, glad I'd been able to stick my phone in my cleavage when she wasn't looking. How else was I going to find my friends once I'd gotten there?

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