The Non-Society Girl

Jassy - short for Joselyn - is being forced. It isn't her choice. She really does not want to be a society girl. She doesn't want to dress fancy and go to dinner parties and dance fancy and proper. She just wants to live her life like any ordinary teenager. But, she's not getting the option. So when her mother threatens to take away her internet, phone and laptop, she agrees. And gets more than just sitting in the corner with her bff when said bff leaves and she's asked to dance. By a pair of cute, identical twins. Names? Jack and Finn Harries.


5. Fancy Party

I was looking in the mirror on the back of my door, dressed and ready for this party my mum is making me attend. The red dress fit to my body, and the gold chain of the bag hung, cold against my shoulder. My hair was loose and curled hanging over my shoulders, a flower crown made of daisies resting around my head. 

Since I had to go to this thing now, I might as well get it over with, make my mum happy while I'm at it. 

So here I was, now standing before the big oak doors of the hall, collecting myself before I entered. The doors opened and a collective scent of pastries and expensive perfumes hit me.

I stepped into the hall and eyes watched me, not all, a few here and there. Making my way through the crowd, I found an empty table in the back and sat down watching, not bothering to eat anything, sipping the water and wanting so bad to just take off these cursed shoes. 

A hand appeared in front of me and without thinking, I took it and was lead onto the dance floor, where the hand took it's place on my waist and the other took mine and I placed my other hand on the strangers shoulder. We quickly took up the dance and after not even thirty seconds I looked up at the person who had lead me into the dance. 

"We meet again, Jassy." 

"Hullo, Jack?" 

"Indeed, Finn's sick." 

"Mmm, why the fancy talk?" 

"Fancy party, fancy talk." 

"Stop it, it's quite annoying." 

"Fine. Glad you let me take you up here," he said, twirling me around. 

"Only did because I didn't see who it was. In fact, I'm done dancing." I was about to turn away but he twirled me again and rested his hand on my back. 

"Can't let you do that. You have to finish the song, its a rule. Give me another dance after this?" 

"Fine, but only because I'm not grumpy today. You're lucky."

He smiled and it took my breath away how beautiful his smile was. I don't know why, but it left me speechless. 

The next time I twirled, he pulled me against him, his hand on my lower back now, and my breath caught in my throat at how close we were. 

"See, it's not that bad." 

"I could disagree. These people are all snobs." I told him as we slowed to the new tempo. 

He laughed and I smiled as we turned through a group of people dancing. They all glared at us as we passed but Jack seemed unphased by this, and by the others who stared at Jack like he was a celebrity. 

"Why are people looking at you like your a celebrity?" I asked him. 

"Have you heard of YouTube?" 

"Of course." 

"I'm kind of like a major youtuber. They probably recognize me." 

"Really? Like, Jenna Marbles, Smosh, Tobuscus?" I asked. 


"Weird. So that's why your mom told you to get out because you live on you computer?" 

"Uh, yeah."

I rolled my eyes and he twirled me again, pulling me back into the position we were before, but this time pressing his lips softly on mine. 


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