1D mania

Simona and her friends go to a 1D concert. And Harry gives her a special gift. Simona and Harry always hang out together. They go to school together, they have the exact same classes, and more. Until one day everything turned the wrong way


2. swimming party

Simona's P.O.V

I got home and opened up the paper. "oh my god." I said loudly. IT WAS HARRY'S NUMBER! I typed his number into my phone. "hello?" a voice said. "um hi it's Simona." I said nervously."hey beautiful" he said. OHMIGOD HE CALLED ME BEAUTIFUL! "I was wondering if you wanted to come over for a pool party later." he said "I would love to. well I better go." I said. I hung up the phone and ran to my room. I was screaming so loud the neighbours could hear. I brought out my tie die bathing suit and my mickey mouse towel to look cute. I walked out the door and ran to the bus so I won't be late for the bus. "Hi Harry" I said "ready to go swimming?" Harry asked me. I replied yes very fast. When I got in of my bathing suit I could see his eyes just glued to my body. "Umm Harry" I said. He snapped of his dream and said "yes?right! Lets get moving to the pool!" "Hahaha Harry stop!" I screamed. He was splashing so much water with me with his water gun. He was shooting me so much that I ran and did a cannonball into the pool so he would stop. "Good choice." He said laughing. After a long day of swimming we went inside to order pizza. It was just me and Harry because the boys decided to go to 'todays show'. It was a interview place. And they just said Harry was sick.  Me and Harry sat down. OHMIGOD next thing I know it Harry's arm is around me!!! He said if he wanted to watch a movie. "Sure" he got out the movie and put it on. About 20 minutes into the movie the doorbell rang. "I'll get it he said" "what's taking so long?" I asked "I'm coming close your eyes" he said to me. He brought the pizza box out. "Go ahead open the box" he said to me. I opened the box and...




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