1D mania

Simona and her friends go to a 1D concert. And Harry gives her a special gift. Simona and Harry always hang out together. They go to school together, they have the exact same classes, and more. Until one day everything turned the wrong way


3. Hang out

Harry's P.O.V

"yes!" Simona yelled. "I would love to be your girlfriend!" there was a message on the inside of the pizza box that said: will you be my girlfriend? <3. "I hope it wasn't to far fowards." I said "no it wasn't" she said. I looked into her beautiful blue eyes. Then I reached in a gave her a kiss. I could feel my face turning red.

         Me and Simona have been hanging around a lot. We go to parks, swimming, we even go to school together! About a month later our relationship was serious. We gave each other gifts every month to celebrate our day we just met. This morning I called Simona.

  Simona's P.O. V 

     "hi beautiful. I was wondering if you wanted to go to the club with me."

  "sure. I'll drop by your house now." I said smiling  "perfect" Harry said. I could tell he was excited 

      I walked to harry's house in my cutest outfit. Short sleeve belly top a nice bright blue. And some ripped baige shorts. 

     "Hi Simona are you ready?" he asked 

     "yup" I said.

     We walked down the block holding each others hamds. The club was only a 5 minute walk to get there. 

      "oh my gosh its Harry styles!" all the girls screamed. I decided to go fix my make up while the girls were screaming and huddling around Harry.

     When I got back I saw Harry kissing a girl in a black suit. "HARRY EDWARD  STYLES!!!" I yelled. He looked at me shocked.

I ran out and called my friend to come pick me up and bring me home. When she got here Harry ran out to try and stop me. "step on it." I said whipping the tears from my eyes.


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