Two Lives

Luke Brooks, the nerd who would often sit at the front of the classroom, who would hand in his homework hours early, who would avoid getting into trouble, who would never speak, who would get bullied, who would do nothing apart from work at school, but at home, there's a whole different side to Luke. His true side is hidden from the world, and is kept as his biggest secret that he hoped he wouldn't have to reveal to the world until after he left school. Only his twin brother, Jai, and his older brother, Beau, knew Luke's secret. But there was one problem in Luke's way. That one girl. That one girl who is determined to find out why Luke wouldn't be social with anybody, and that girl's name is Jade Thorne. Can Jade ever find out Luke's secret?


2. That Nerd

"Miss. Thorne! Stop daydreaming and pay attention!" a loud, snappy voice yelled, making me stop staring at my hands and looking up, then soon bowing my head in shame.

"Sorry sir," I quietly replied, hating the fact that I was in trouble. I'd never liked being in trouble. I hated it.

"Jade, I want a word with you after class," Mr. Jones said threateningly, glaring at me and I nodded, gulping nervously. As soon as the bell went, ten minutes later, I stood up, smiling weakly at the others who pushed past me to get out into the corridor, most making their way home. One boy sat in the front row, waiting for the others to pass by, and from what I could see, I could tell he was a quiet nerd. Luke Brooks, his name was, I think.

"Jade Thorne!" the same snappy voice exclaimed, and I looked up to see Mr. Jones groaning in exasperation, clearly annoyed at me. Apologising again, I went up to his desk as I waited for the nerd to leave. "Luke Brooks, you may leave," he spoke calmly after counting to ten under his breath, and Luke soon nodded in response, standing up and clearing up his items that was neatly tidied up on his desk. When Luke left the classroom, Mr. Jones glared at me. "Jade, is there anything bothering you? You seem to daydream a lot nowadays..." he trailed off and I shrugged.

"No problems at all for me. I just like thinking," I replied sarcastically, turning on the heels of my feet, regretting my sassy response almost immediately.

"Very well, go outside. We'll speak properly tomorrow. With the principal." Mr. Jones scowled at my attitude and a small smirk crept onto my lips as I sashayed out of the door. Luke, as per usual, was at his locker, which was nearby Mr. Jones' classroom. Watching him silently like a lion watching it's prey, I slowly walked past him, taking in every feature of his face, the way he twitched his nose to keep his glasses on the bridge of his nose, the way his hands gently held his books, treating them with respect, the way he smiled at the bullies who was nearing him. Wait... bullies? They're coming! Shit. Hurriedly walking away, I carefully watched the group of bullied go up to Luke and one of them shoved him. Looking at the group of bullies, I recongised each one of them; Jake Biggerstaff, James Yammouni, Ollie Bywater and that's when I froze. Beau Brooks. One of the bullies. Beau is Luke's older brother, for goodness sake! Soon starting to keep my eyes on Beau, I realised he wasn't really hurting Luke. Beau was just pretending to. Why was he pretending? Brothers would often fight, yes, I know that, but bullying? Watching others bully their sibling? That's a whole different level. But the only thing that nagged at my mind was why was Beau pretending to hurt Luke?


There must be a reason.

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