loved you first

harry had been jess's boyfriend for the last three months but when harry askeds her to go on tour with him and the boys everything will change .........................



Me and Harry were sitting on his bed in his apartment kissing passionately when his phone rang we broke apart and he checked to see who it was "sorry babe its Simon I got to take this" he said  in his deep sexy voice as he walked out the room I flopped back down on the bed thinking this time three months ago me and harry didn't even know each other are managers introduced us at a party in march and told us to get to know each other and we've been together since .harry came back in and flopped down next to me "what did Simon say?"i asked

"he said instead of leaving for the tour on Friday were leaving tomorrow but he said I can bring you with me, so do you want to come on tour with me and the boys ?"he said sound eager to know

"course I do "I shouted flinging my arms around his neck and kissing him

"great lets go pack "he said jumping off the bed ,running to the closet and pulling  out two suitcases .it was really happening I'm going on tour with my boyfriend Harry Styles and the rest of one direction

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