Dark Lust (Book 3 of Lust "Series")

Book 3 to my Lust series! :) hope you all enjoy it.. I'm rubbish at these so I'm not going to destroy my book by giving it a shit info ;) thanks for reading if you do


2. Bora Bora

(Karleigh's POV)

The shower turned off, Harry was finished I got off the bed and walked towards the bathroom, I saw Harry had pulled on the pair of black jeans he brought in with him leaving him shirtless, he was attempting to dry his hair in the towel. I wolf whistled and he turned around.

"You are a sight for sore eyes.." I said he smirked

"Ditto" he said I giggled

I walked over to him and leaned up kissing him. He smiled against my lips.

"I love you." He said as I pulled away

"I love you too." He nuzzled his head into my shoulder blade

"Am I interrupting?" I officially hated his voice now. It used to be welcoming and comforting now I just wanted to put a muzzle on him.

"No. I was just leaving." I said I left the room bumping his shoulder as I left.

Louis was being an ass about my human situation. First he said he'd do it now he's all "I'm doing the right thing!" He can go screw himself.


(Karleigh's POV)

The night took over and I couldn't sleep. I was nervous about flying tomorrow. I also didn't want to sit with Louis for the hours it is going to take.

I got up giving up of trying to sleep and walked out of me and Harry's room. I jumped when I saw Louis sitting with his back against the wall, he looked up at me.

"I've been trying to decide how to apologize to you." He said I looked down at him.

"Well.. I'm going down to make a tea. You can join me and say your apology down there." I said he nodded. We walked down to the kitchen, I filled the kettle then turned it on.

"Look.. Karleigh.. I've been thinking about this a lot..." He trailed off, I watched him as he struggled for words.

"Say something." I said

"Alright... About your.. Situation I'm willing to make a compromise.. A deal." He said

"You'll do it?" I asked excitedly

"On one condition." He said

"What is it?" I asked

"We have to be alone, I don't want a crowed." He said I nodded

"Yeah.. That sounds okay.." I said happily

"You agree to my terms?" He asked I nodded

"Yes! When can we do it?" I asked

"Umm.." He thought

"Can we do it now?" I asked he shook his head

"Why not?" I asked

"Because I'm not ready." He said

"Ready for what? What do you need?" I asked

"You're still human.. That means I can compel you.." He said I got worried he must have noticed

"No, it's nothing bad.. I just.." He stopped himself

"What is it?" I asked

"I just want one thing.." He said

"What is it?" I asked

"No, it's stupid." He said

"What is it?" I pushed for an answer.

"I want to try something.. It may only work while you're still human." He said

"What is it?" I asked for what felt like the thousandth time.

"Put your hand out." He said I did as I was told.

He took my wrist.

He walked over and grabbed a bowl from the shelves. Still gripping my wrist. He closed his eyes and the crackles came out.

"Do you trust me?" He asked

"Yeah" I said he bit into his wrist he then looked at me for reassurance then bit into mine. He tugged our wrists together our blood mixed, he watched it.

"What's the bowl for?" I asked

"I don't want to make a mess." He said I nodded, he watched our wrists until he healed he licked his wrist clean. I looked down at my wrist which was still bleeding, it slowly closed because of Louis' blood.

"Okay what was that all about?" I asked he looked at me and smiled

"Louis what's going on?" I asked

"I was right.." He said

"About what? I'm confused." I said

"We are one.. It's so strange. I feel all your emotions.. Your power.. Mind reading.. It passed to me." He said

"I gave you my power?" I asked

"That's the point of being one.. We're linked." He said I looked down at my wrist, blood still remained on it.

"I got it hold on." He said lifting it to his lips he licked it off. I didn't know what to think I was so confused

"It's so weird.. I feel like a human." He said

"Wait.. If we're one.. If I get hurt won't you get hurt and viceversa?" I asked

"No, it doesn't work like that." He said

"Just our thoughts and emotions." He said I nodded

"Do you feel my heartbeat?" I asked he nodded

"So.. That's all you wanted?" I asked

"There's one more thing." He said I grumbled

"What else is there?" I asked he linked his lips with mine for a brief moment and pulled away. He let go of my wrist.

"Do you want to forget all of that? I can compel you.." He said I slowly shook my head not being able to speak. He smirked

"Goodnight Karleigh." He said, He walked backwards for a moment keeping his eyes locked with mine before turning around and exiting the kitchen. I looked down at the bowl of blood.

I knocked it into the sink quickly rinsing it away. I looked down at my wrist and put my fingers on my lips.

What the actual fuck just happened?!

(Next day)

(Karleigh's POV)

We all packed into the car, Harry was driving, I sat up front with him. Kelsey, Liam and Louis were in the middle seats and Niall, Hailey and Zayn sat in the back sleeping.

"How long will it take us to her there?" Louis asked grabbing onto Harry and I's chairs sticking his head between them.

"About an hour and a half." Harry said Louis nodded he glanced over at me then slid back into the middle seat.

"You feeling okay?" Harry asked I looked at him and nodded

"Nervous about the flight." I said he nodded

"It's gunna be okay." I took his hand and gripped it tightly.

"Just take a sleeping pill before we get on the plane. You'll be out for the take off, trust me. Oh, and I'm sorry about the kiss last night.. I guess I caught you off guard." I heard Louis say, I looked at Harry he seemed un-effected by Louis' words I looked back at Louis.

"They can't hear us speaking if we speak to each other's minds." I watched as his mouth didn't move. This wasn't like him intentionally thinking things.. He was SPEAKING to my mind.. I guess that's what it's like to be bonded.

"How is this possible?" I said

"The bond."

"Thought so." I said and turned around in my seat.

"You didn't tell Harry I kissed you right?" He asked I stared ahead at the road

"No of course not. He'd kill you."

"I can take him blindfolded."

"We aren't doing this again."

"Doing what again?"

"Cheating.. I'm not doing it to Harry or Kelsey. It's not happening." I thought

"Kar. It was one kiss." He said

"Still. There won't be anymore." I said

"Yeah right."

"You aren't doing this Louis. How can you not feel any guilt for what you did?"

"You think I don't?" He asked I looked over at Harry then back out my window.

"It doesn't sound or seem like it."

"This is what vampires do Karleigh."

"Yeah well I'm not a vampire."


"Is that why you changed your mind? For the vampire cheating gene?" I asked

"No. I changed my mind because you opened my eyes. How long until you were gone? If you had a serious injury you'd be dead. Gone."

"I'm not going to cheat on Harry." I said

"Alright. If you say so Karleigh.." He said I shook my head and leaned against my window.

(Louis' POV)

I looked over at Kelsey, she was looking out the window, I looked into her mind already used to my new power. She was thinking about the beach, the sand the warmth and brightness of the sun. She was thinking about the possibility of what our huts are going to look at and finally she was thinking of me. I smiled to myself at how hopeful she was for a good time. She thought about Karleigh and Hailey. Niall and Harry taking them out for dinners. Her and me going for walks along the beach. She turned around and looked at me I smiled at her.

"How long were you starting at me?" She whispered

"I wasn't starring.. I was admiring." I whispered she took my hand, I gently squeezed her palm. We looked out our windows again.

I caught something from her mind, a distant thought. I focused on it. I dug and dug trying to bring up more of it. All I could hear was Zayn's voice.. They were talking.. About me. Harry pulled into a gas station. I looked at Kelsey and dug into the memory, my head started to ache. I was digging to hard. I tasted blood and noticed I was having a nosebleed. I let go of Kelsey's hand.

"Let me out." I said to Liam

"What's wrong?" Liam asked

"I have a nosebleed." I said he got out and I rushed into the connivence store and got the bathroom key. I went into the dirty bathroom and grumbled at the filth but removed my hand from my nose, I stopped the blood with toilet paper as I washed my hands, I took the pieces out of my nose and held a piece there waited for the blood to stop.

There was a knock on the door.

"Occupied." I said lowly.

"Louis open the door." I heard Karleigh's voice. I opened the door.

"Already over using your powers I see?" She said lowly. I saw Niall in the snack isle and Hailey at the drink coalers.

"I was reading Kelsey's mind and she was having all these amazing thoughts about the trip, it made me so happy.." I said and switched the toilet paper.

"But?" Karleigh asked

"She thought about Zayn briefly and I caught onto a brief memory and tried digging into it that's it." I said lowly

"You're such an idiot, that's overuse right there!" She whisper yelled at me.

"Oh bite me." I said

"Urgh.. Stop looking for excuses to fight Zayn." She said

"Will do." I said I removed the toilet paper from my nose noticing it stopped bleeding.

"Be careful you keep searching that hard your brain will burst." She said I nodded slowly

"Grab a snack, we're leaving soon." I nodded as she turned and walked away.

I cleaned off my nose and mouth, I bought a bag of crisps and a coke and got back in the car.

(At the airport)

(Karleigh's POV)

I sat beside Harry, taking an isle seat on the private jet. As we started to take off I gripped Harry's arm, he chuckled.

I squeezed my eyes shut.

Before I knew it we were flying smoothly. Harry and I chose the back row, Kelsey also wanted to sit back here, which meant Louis was going to be near me. Kelsey was sitting in the isle at the start but wanted to sit by the window. Louis was right across the isle from me. Great. I leaned into Harry's shoulder. He leaned his cheek against my head.

"Are you doing alright?" Louis asked my mind

"I'm doing fine. You don't need to worry about me." I said sharply

"I was asking you as a friend, calm down."

"Oh go jump out of the plane." I grumbled

"Good one."

I sighed out loud.

(Bora Bora)

We wheeled our luggage down our private dock after checking in, I ran down and called dibs on one of the huts on the end, they were rather large huts, they were made out of straw on the outside but on the inside they look like posh hotel rooms.

Harry followed me in.

"This is going to be so fun!" I said excitedly I skipped out of the hut and ran down the steps to the edge of the dock Harry caught up with me chuckling

"Let's go swimming!" I yelled excitedly

"Alright let's go get changed and-"

"Who needs bathing suits?" I said he smirked I unzipped my hoodie and kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks, I pulled off my shirt and started laughing as Harry just stood there.

"C'mon!" I shoved him he chuckled and removed his hoodie and shirt, I pulled off my jeans.

"Watch for sharks." I heard Louis say

"How'd you know I was.." I trailed off looking around I noticed Louis leaning on the bamboo railing looking down at me and Harry.

"Stop perving on me." I spoke to his mind

"It's nothing I haven't seen before." He said I rolled my eyes I looked back at Harry as he dove in wearing his green boxers.

I looked back at Louis one last time and jumped in joining Harry.

(Kelsey's POV)

"Ooh! Let's go swimming too!" I said joining Louis at the banister.

"Nah, let's do it later." He said

"But it's hot." I grumbled

"It's what you wanted right? Hot weather?" He asked

"Yeah.." I said he raised his brows and walked into our hut.

I followed him.

"Are you mad at me?" I asked he shook his head unpacking

"Seems like it." I said

"Want the left or right side of the closet?"

"Louis." He shrugged

"I'm taking the left." He said

I walked over to him and caught his arm.

He looked down at me.

"What's wrong? Did I do something?" I asked

"I don't know did you?" He said

"Just tell me if I did something." I said

He stared down at me.

"What did I do, tell me so I can make it right." I said

His lips parted to say something but then he closed it.

He then leaned down and locked his lips with mine. I leaned away confused.

"What's going on with you?" I asked

"A little bit of everything." He said against my lips.

"You're so confusing.." I said

"Yeah but you love it." He said locking his lips with mine and pulling away tugging on my lower lip.

"Yes I do." I said

(Karleigh's POV)

Harry spun me around I giggled.

"Cannon ball!" Niall yelled running and jumping in, Liam and Hailey followed him, Zayn sat on the edge of the dock he was changed into swim trunks but we all knew he wasn't going to be doing any swimming.

"I'm already in love with this place." Niall said doing a back stroke circling us.

"Me too." Harry said

"Where's Louis and Kels?" Harry added

"Unpacking." Niall said

"Or having sex." Liam said chuckling

"No, not this early. Tonight though defiantly." They laughed. I swam over to Hailey who was talking to Zayn.

"Are you sure you don't want a little splash?" Hailey giggled

"100%" Zayn said

"What are you two talking about?" I asked

"I think Zayn here needs a little splash to cool him off." Hailey said

"We don't get hot Hailey.." Zayn said

"Shhh.. You must be getting hot." She said

"I think so too. He's over-heating." I said Hailey and I looked at each other then Zayn, the 3 of us bursting out in laughter.

I stopped laughing once Louis skipped down the steps, coming into my view he wore red swim trunks. He yawned and looked down at me and Hailey.

"How's the water?" He asked

"Amazing." Hailey said he nodded. He dove in and swam with vampire speed under water surfacing in Liam, Niall and Harry's circle.

"Hey guys." Kelsey said as she sat beside Zayn in a pink bikini.

"Cute bikini." I complimented, Harry and I are the only ones that didn't actually change into swimwear.

I looked at Kelsey and Zayn who were laughing about something with Hailey and turned around to look at Louis, he was looking over at then he raised his brows at me.

"Told you." He mouthed I looked down at the water and turned back around.

Great. This trip was supposed to be fun not full of drama!

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