Dark Lust (Book 3 of Lust "Series")

Book 3 to my Lust series! :) hope you all enjoy it.. I'm rubbish at these so I'm not going to destroy my book by giving it a shit info ;) thanks for reading if you do


1. B-L-O-O-D

(Kelsey's POV)

The keys of Queen's Bohemian Rapsody echoed through the house, Louis had come home from his walk and went straight up to the music room playing the piano. We didn't dare bother him. We figured it would be better if we left him alone.

I sat restlessly on the couch. I shuffled once more.

"Kels.. If you really want to.. Go up and talk to him." Harry said looking up from playing with Fern on the living room floor, I looked at the stair case towards the music room.

"Should I?" I asked him he shrugged

"He's been up there for hours.." He said

"Do you think he's okay?" I asked

"Look.. I've known Louis for 3 years now almost 4.. From what I learned he's very complex and unpredictable going up there and interrupting him could go a handful of ways, good and bad.." Harry said Fern pulled on his shirt. He looked down at her

"What if he needs someone to talk to?" I asked

"By all means.. Go for it." Harry said looking up at me and adjusting Fern in a standing position.

"I'm going to go.." I said I got up

"Good luck, the others will be back soon." Harry says I nodded

I walked up the stairs, the piano getting louder as I got closer. I went up the second set of stairs to the rarely used third floor and arrived at the white door, I slowly pushed it open.. Louis' back to me as he continued to play.

I slowly walked over to the shiny black grand piano and leaned on it. Louis glanced up at me.

I raised my brows.. He continued to play. Looking back down.

I watched as his fingers eased over to each key. His head hung low, shoulders slouched.

"Louis?" I said he played louder.

"Louis." I said louder. He ignored me.

"Louis!" I yelled over his loud playing he slammed his hands down on the keys making a loud horror movie sound, I jumped

"What?" He asked hastily

"Are you okay?" I asked

He chuffed and licked his fingertip going through the music book.

"I just wanted to talk to you.." I said

"I'm busy at the moment." He said in a flash of frustration I grabbed the thick book and threw it.

"What the hell Kelsey! That book is over 100 years old!" He shouted shooting up from the stool.

"I'm not competing with a book to have a conversation with you." I said he calmed down his breathing and then sat down on the piano bench once more.

"Talk." He said I cleared my throat.

"You were gone for a while.." I said quietly rain smacked off the windows


"Why did you leave for so long?" I asked

"I needed time." He said

"Time for what?"

"To be alone.."

"It's dangerous to do that.. I mean were under the radar..." I said

"I'm strong enough to take care of myself." He said getting up and retrieving his book.

"Talk to me Louis.. What's on your mind?" I asked

"A lot of things Kels.. I just needed to process it all.." He said I nodded

"You know you can always come talk to me if you need to, that's why I'm here." I said he hinted a smile.

"I would differ in your place but that's my opinion." He said I raised my brows.

"Questioning my relevancy?" I asked

"Never.." He said putting the book back down.

"That storms getting bad.. Do you think the others will make it home?" I asked

"They'll be fine." Louis said

"How do you know?" I asked

"I don't.." He said quietly.

(Marianne's POV)

I got up from my chair, I impatiently fixed my shirt.

"Um, excuse me miss." I turned around

"What is it?" I asked

"You asked us to see where Hugo was.. We don't think he'll bother your son any longer.." Sebastian my trusted fledgling says holding a file in his hands. I sat down at my glass desk with a sigh.

"And why is that Sebastian?" I asked

"Well.. We believe he was killed in his last fight with Louis and his coven..." Sebastian says

"It appears I have underestimated my son and his strength.." I said lowly.

"Actually miss.. It wasn't Louis who killed him.." I looked up at him. Sebastian placed the file on my desk and opened it handing me a stack of large photographs. I looked through them.. It was a bloody mess. Hugo's mansion I could tell from the decor. These photographs were of the dead. It seems Louis' fresh fledglings had all perished.. I examined each photo.. Brutal killings blood leaking from each. I flipped through the photos until I saw a photo of him. I hadn't seen his face in years.. Over 100 years.. I felt tears come to my eyes, my baby boy.. All grown up into a man.. He was looking at the curly haired one.. I knew these were taken from Hugo's security cameras. I couldn't help but shed a tear at how much he still looked like my little 12 year old son. I still saw the child in his eyes.

"There's a video too.." Sebastian adds

"Well? What are you waiting for lad?! Hand it over!" I said snatching the USB from his hands. He stepped around the desk and I watched a good amount of security footage.. Louis' courage as he went up against Hugo in the kitchen, the footage cut out and back when Hugo had a gun to Louis and Harry.. I watched as one of his fledglings swig the ax downward and it went into Hugo's head directly at the top splitting his head.

"It was the blonde one..." I trailed off

"Why does he protect the curly haired boy so much?" Sebastian asked.

"He was his first fledgling Sebastian.. It happens to all of us." I said

"But Marianne.. Just look at the way he looks at him." He says I turned my head looking at Sebastian with a slight glare.

"Are you trying to tell me my son is gay?" I asked

"No, I just think he's in love with that one boy." Sebastian said I sighed and looked at the pictures he was pointing to.

Louis wasn't interested in boys, he used to be such a ladies man back when he was a young boy.. I shook my head.

"You know where he is, why don't you just go say hello?" Sebastian asked

"Because, I am not ready to see him."

"Just admit it to yourself Marianne.. You miss your son. You are ready to see him." Sebastian said I sighed

"I will think about it. In the mean time file all of those images with the others." I said he nodded. I left the large office and quickly left towards my bedroom. When in there I packed a bag. Ready to see my son. I was hesitant on the idea. I would defiantly sleep on it.

(Kelsey's POV)

Louis came downstairs with me, greeting Harry as we walked into the kitchen.

"Want anything?" I asked as I walked into the pantry

"No, I'm just going to have a tea." He said I shook my head smiling at his obsession with tea.

He turned on the kettle as I walked out of the pantry with a box of Oreos. I sat on a stool at the counter Louis joined me.

"So, what are we going to do about the winter?" I asked

"What about it? I mean it's just winter." Louis said

"Can't we go somewhere warm?" I asked

"Kels." Louis said raising his brows at me.

"Living out in the woods with Hailey and Karleigh.. We always went somewhere warmer when it started to snow. I hate snow."

"Babe.. If I could I would go on vacation with you."

"Why can't you?" I asked he waited a few seconds and realization fell upon me.

"Urgh why do you have to be famous I hate you." I grumbled

"Well.. In about 70 years when all our fans have passed on.. God bless them.. We can do stuff." He said

"Louis.. You guys are worldwide celebrities and you've broken a shit load of records.. You'll be around for more than 70 years." I said

"Oh bite me." He said and reached over grabbing an Oreo

"Excuse me?" I said he peeled the cookie apart and scraped the cream off with the top cookie and wiped it on the box and ate the cookie I watched his movements and just shook my head.

(Karleigh's POV)

"Ew.. It's so cold in here." I grumbled walking out of the bathroom.

"Well we don't get cold.. No need for heat.." Harry said

"I know I was a vampire once babe. Longer than you." I said giving him a wink he flipped me off.

"Do you guys HAVE heating?" I asked he shrugged

"You can ask Louis." He said rolling over.

"Get up you lazy ass." I said

"I'll be down in a minute." He said I rolled my eyes and threw a throw pillow at him. I grabbed one of his hoodies and tied a pair of his track pants around my waist. I shuffled down the steps and heard Louis and Kelsey in the kitchen. I stepped in noticing Louis at the counter stirring a tea and Kelsey eating Oreos at the counter. I walked up to Louis and took the tea from his hand. He forwarded his brows.

"Sure! You can have it." Louis said

"Bitch it's cold in here." I said

"Bitch?" Louis questioned

"I'm outta here." Kelsey said scooping up the Oreos and quickly fleeing the kitchen the door swinging closed behind her.

"Do you have heating in this house?" I asked sipping the tea.

"Yeah, it's on low because Delilah and Fern are usually dressed warm." Louis said

"Can we turn it up? I'm so cold." I said he chuckled

"I almost forgot you were human." He said

"Can't you hear my heart?" I asked he shrugged and poured another cup of tea.

"So.. I'm guessing you're on Kelsey's side then?" Louis asked looking back at me.

"For what?" I asked pulling myself onto the counter

"Going somewhere warm.." He said he looked up at me sighing

"Why are you against it?" I asked

"Publicity.." He said I nodded slowly

"Why don't we just go to Bora Bora?" I asked

"Do they have private corridors?" He asked

"Try private huts on a private dock." I said he nodded

"That sounds good.." He said

"Something else is bothering you though.." I said

"How can you tell?" He asked

I tapped my temple

"Fuck I completely forgot about the mind reading.." He grumbled

"Louis.. If your mom did come to find you and you weren't here she'd track you down." I said

"How do you know?" He asked

"She's your mom.. You're her baby." I said he nodded Niall walked into the kitchen

"Before you do anything Ni, can you turn the heat up?" Louis asked Niall looked at him then me. Nodding he left.

"Thanks." I said


He finished making his tea.

He went to leave and I caught his arm.

"About me being human.. Can you change that?" I asked he looked me over

"That's something you're going to have to talk to Harry about." He said I looked into his bright blue eyes.

"It's not like I'm asking you to be my lover Louis. You're experienced and I trust you." I said he sighed

"Talk to Harry about it." He said and walked out of the kitchen quickly I grumbled and sipped the stolen tea.

(2 Weeks Later)

"So, tomorrow we leave.. Do you have everything?" Harry asked I nodded

"Pack lots of bikinis?" He smirked I swatted his arm

"Glad you told Lou about this place! We haven't done anything like this when it's not for work." He said

"It's no big deal." I giggled Harry chuckled and kissed my cheek

"Love you." He said against my cheek

"Love you too."

He zipped up his last suitcase and lifted it off the bed.

"Let me know when you're done packing." He said I nodded he left the room and I looked down at my suitcase. We are going to be gone for a while, Kelsey wants to get away from the snow that has started falling and I don't blame her. Louis bought our tickets yesterday and they have open returns meaning we could return whenever we wanted to.

We had to decide weather or not we wanted to bring Fern and Delilah so we let Harry and Zayn decide as parents wether they wanted their girls to go. After asking Lou she said she'd be busy but she'd leave the girls with her friend Susie. Harry and Zayn did a background check on Susie before agreeing finding out she is a fledgling of Lou's. Therefore trust worthy.

Louis and Liam started loading the car this morning packing everyone's bags into our biggest car. We made a plan with the airport that we'd enter low-key and slip through to the boys' private jet.

"Harry went to the store with Niall, want me to take your bags?" Zayn asked standing in the doorway.

"Sure one sec, I'll help you." I said I grabbed my smaller bag from the bathroom filled with my toiletries and stuff.

"Okay, let's go." I said grabbing my backpack and gripping my toiletry bag tighter.

"You sure you don't want me to carry that one too.. Y'know cause you're hu-"

"Stop right there. I got it." I said cutting him off he nodded nodded smirking.

"Okay." He chuckled. We managed getting downstairs and out the front door, Zayn made a joke about how tired I seemed I lightly shoved his arm and stumbled he stretched his arm put catching me.

I heard a throat being cleared and looked up seeing Louis giving Zayn a cold look. The wind whistled through the porch posts.

I picked up my dropped suitcase and walked forward Louis took it from me and put it in the car, I took off my backpack and threw it in the back.

I noticed the ice near the back of the car while Zayn handed Liam my suitcase. I hurried away from the awkward male tension.

"Watch the I-" Louis attempted to warn me but I was already on my way down, I landed hard on my side.

"Fuck!" I yelled with a hiss of pain.

"Oh shit, you alright?" Liam asked from the car on his way over.

"Here I got you.." Louis said slowly stepping onto the ice he stuck out his hand, his black vans squeaked on the ice as he toppled over landing on his side just as I did.

"My hero." I said sitting up

"Shut up." He chuckled

"Here, I'll pull you off the ice." Zayn said sticking a stick out towards me. I nodded

"Mate that won't work." Louis said sitting up.

I gripped the end of the branch Zayn had and he pulled me to the side of the ice patch. Giving me a hand as he helped me up.

"You were saying?" Zayn said to Louis as Liam helped him up

"Oh go fuck yourself." Louis said

"Kay can you guys stop already? I mean c'mon!" I said Liam closed the trunk of the car. Louis and Zayn looked at me.

"You guys are acting like douche bags!" I said I hugged myself due to the cold wind that picked up.

"Even of it is this cold if you two keep this up I'm not going on this trip." I said I looked them each over standing there in their tshirts.

They didn't say anything I grumbled and rolled my eyes.

"Hey, what happened?" Harry asked holding bags Niall gave me, Louis and Zayn a curious look. Liam gave Niall a look and he sighed.

"Nothing." I grumbled and turned going back into the house, my whole left side hurt from the fall.

"You alright?" Hailey asked as she held Fern in her arms, Kelsey following her with their luggage for Susie's.

"I'm fine, just fell over." I said and walked up the stairs.

I walked into Harry and I's room and went into the bathroom, I ran my hands under warm water trying to warm them up and heard Harry walk in.

"Why do Louis and Zayn look like they're ready to kill each other? Well, more than usual?" Harry asked standing in the doorway of the bathroom.

"I fell and Louis tried to help me up but fell also. Zayn came up with a better idea and they got all alpha male. That's it." I said

"Are you okay?" He asked

"I'm fine." I said

"Did you fall hard?" He asked

"Yeah but I'm fine. I just don't want to vacation with two guys that our actin like idiots." I said

"Ouch. That hurt my feelings." I looked over and saw Louis enter our room.

"Well, it's true." I said Harry looked back at Louis.

"Zayn started it Kar." Louis said

"If that's what you came in here for.. To get me on your side you can just go." I said

"There's sides? I wasn't aware.." He said

"That's not the point." I said he breathed out a sigh and glanced at Harry. Who raised his brows.

"She's a tough nut to crack Lou. Good luck." He said and left slapping Louis' back

"Harry! Don't leave." I said Harry gave me an apologetic look.

"You guys need to talk. Get me when you're finished." He said I sighed he shut the door.

"Look, I know I acted like an idiot with Zayn but-"

"More than an idiot Louis.. You acted like a jerk." I said he nodded

"I have my reasons.." He said

"Why cause he likes Kelsey?" I asked raising my brows

"He kissed her."

"So? That gives you the right to be a jerkoff?"

"I'm just protecting what's mine." He said

"He's not going to do anything Louis." I said

"He wants to. He thinks about it I can see it in his eyes and you know it. You can hear his thoughts." He said

"So what. They're thoughts. Doesn't mean he is going to make them reality." I said

"He's going after you now. That move he pulled on you today." He said

"What move? Helping me with my luggage?" I asked crossing my arms.

"He was giving you the eyes and the flirting was obvious." He said his hands turning into fists

"So, stop being so jealous. Get over it Louis." I said

"Jealous?" He asked

"That's what I said wasn't it?" I said

"What makes you think I'd be jealous of a guy flirting with you?" He asked crossing his arms

"Do I need to wear a shirt for you or something I can read your mind I can sense your emotions." I said

"You must have sensed the wrong emotion or something." He said

"Oh that's real cute Louis. Are we done here?"

"Done? We aren't even close." He said

"Well.. You might not be done but I am." I said walking towards the door. He flashed in front my me taking my shoulders and guiding me backwards.

"Look. I just feel protective alright.. That's all." He said

"Why do YOU feel protective of ME?" I asked he sighed

"You're human.. And you have my blood in your system.. Remember?"

"Then why am I not like a vampire/human hybrid then?" I asked

"It doesn't work like that. You are the only person to ever actually feed on my blood.. As a vampire I mean. When you died and your human stuff happened I don't reaLly know what to call it but my blood stayed in your bloodstream. Most of the time it would be out of your system in 24 to 48 hours but it hasn't left which I don't get." He said stroking his scruffy chin.

"So what are you getting at?" I asked

"You want to be turned again right?" He asked

"Yeah.." I said

"Well, for me to do that it could risk you losing yourself.. Also if someone else not our blood type turned you it could clash with your system and just shut down your system.." He said

"Wait.. OUR blood type?" I asked

"Yeah, my blood is in your system.. Each vampire has a blood type.. Due to my blood mixing with yours and blah blah we are the same blood type." He said

"So every vampire has an individual blood type that is their own.. No vampire has the same blood type but us?" I asked

"Well except the sexually active ones that drink each other's blood like we once did, hence we aren't the only pair sharing a blood type." He said

"Wait if you drank mine and I drank yours.. How do you know MY blood hasn't taken over YOUR system.. I mean you're the one getting jealous." I said

"Simple, if your blood took over my system you'd feel protective of me." He said I thought it over

"I do feel protective of you though, of all of you." I said

"Exactly my point. I feel protective of all of you, mostly my fledglings but then there is you. We are bonded by some blood thing which makes you like a part of me I don't know. Kelsey and Hailey are not my fledglings. The protection I feel over Kelsey is because I love her. That's it. I have to protect her for that reason. Hailey is my friend same thing for her." He said he looked in thought

"How do you know all this stuff?" I asked

"I read about it in one of my books." He said I nodded

"So.. What exactly are you saying?" I asked

"If you are sure you want to be turned I will have to be the one to do it. Weather I or you like it or not." He said I nodded

"When can we do it?" I asked

"We'll talk with the group and tell everyone and decide." He said I nodded

"So you'll do that for me?" I asked he took a minute to think then he sighed and nodded I smiled widely

"Thank you!" I cheered and threw my arms around him.

"You're welcome.. But can I ask you something first?" He said I nodded stepping back from him.

"What's so bad about being human?" He asked

"Can't you see it?" I asked

"See what?" He asked

"My weakness.. I'm vulnerable.. I can't defend myself." I said

"That's what we're here for." He said

"Why do you think it's such a good idea for me to stay human?" I asked

"Don't you want to be? To have a beating heart weaknesses get cold, get hot.. Grow old.. Don't you want to have a baby?" He asked

"I already have a baby.. Fern." I said

"I mean a baby that you've carried.. A baby that you've delivered and a baby that's half you.. Don't you want to have a little guy in there?" He asked pointing to my stomach.

"A little guy?" I asked looking down at my stomach.

"Or little girl whatever you proffer." He said

"A baby boy.." I said lowly I put my hands on my stomach and looked up at Louis he gave me a small smile

"I've always wanted a baby boy." I said

"There you go.. Talk to Harry about having another baby.. He might want one." He said

"But what if he doesn't.. What if it's a girl?" I asked

"It's a long shot but it just might work.." He said

"Think about it... All the beautiful things about being a human.. All of the things you can have as a human that you can't have as a vampire." He said

"It just doesn't seem worth it." I said

"Having a life doesn't seem worth it?" He asked he started to slowly circle me.

"Take it from a guy who's lived a long time.. Almost two human lifetimes.. If I could.. I'd be a human.." He said

"Think about the rewards.. A life, developing, a baby." He said gently putting his hand on my stomach.

"Changing.. Forever looking the same gets old.. Look at my face.. I still look 19. I was turned when I was in my really early 20's.. I didn't get to see the aging process. You might be able to. You might be able to see yourself develop laugh lines or little wrinkles." He said running his finger around the smooth skin of my face where wrinkles or laugh lines would develop.

"I will be forever unchanging.. This is your chance. This is your chance to live." He said I scanned his face, his young features his forever young face.

"That's the thing though right? Aging.. I'm aging.. I'm going to get old.. How long till I'm gone?" I asked

"Don't think like that.." He said

"It's going to happen.. It could be an accident.. Disease.." I said he sighed

"Kar.. We can protect you." He said

"You can protect me from old age.. From diseases." I said

"I can try." I shook my head

"No.. The only solution is for you to turn me." I said

"The only solution to prevent you from dying is to kill you?" He asked

I gave him a stern look

"Don't do this now." I said

"Do what?" He asked I glared at him

"Don't force me to stay human." I said

"I wouldn't if it wasn't the right thing to do." He said I pushed his shoulders.

"No! Don't do this to me!" I yelled

"Shhh!" He hissed

"No! You don't get to tell me what to do!" I yelled he put his hand over my mouth.

"Shhhh." He hissed more authoritative now. I bit his finger hard enough that I tasted his blood drip onto my tongue. He took his hand away and looked down at his finger, it healed he looked up at me.

"Did you just...?" He looked at me bewildered

"Would you really try to take my blood from me?" He asked

"If it was the right thing to do." I said he was angry after I said that I could tell by his eyes, his face started up crackle, his eyes turning red.

"Louis?" I said lowly his fang cane out pushing on his lower lip

"Louis.. I'm sorry." I said he closed his eyes the black cracks came down from his eyes and darkened

He clenched his fists

"Are you in there?" I asked

He opened his eyes again and they were a blood red the light blue of his eyes darkening, he came towards me

"Harry!" I called out as Louis got dangerously close, he backed me into the wall, smelling my neck and pressing the pad of his thumb against my wrist feeling my pulse.

"Harry!" I screamed using all my might to push Louis away

He tried to bite me when Harry burst into the room and pulled him away from me. Zayn came running in pulling me away and tucking me behind him which made Louis even angrier, he came towards us and Harry got him down to the ground. Louis punched Harry they rolled around Louis flipped Harry over pinning him down Harry tugged his hair down their grunting Niall and Liam tried pulling Louis off of Harry Louis brought his foot back to loans stomach sending him into the wall and his elbow up to Niall's head knocking him out cold.

Harry brought his feet up kicking Louis out into the hall, Louis was on him in seconds, Harry punched at Louis' stomach and face I heard one of Louis' ribs break but it wasn't stopping or slowing him down, Louis stopped Harry's hand and snapped his wrist, Louis backed Harry into the railing of the balcony over the foyer.

Harry and Louis were growling and punching and kneeing, one of Harry's ribs were broken now, I heard cracking of the railing, then Harry and Louis fell the 15 foot drop, there was a crash as they landed on the wooden table below.

"Fuck!" I heard a shout I pushed Zayn out of the way and looked down at Louis and Harry, laying on their sides blood was coming out of one of them.

"Oh my god!" I said me and Kelsey ran down the steps Zayn on our heels.

"What the fuck happened?!" Hailey shouted coming in the door from taking Delilah and Fern to Susie's

"Harry and Louis had a fight, go check on Liam and Niall up stairs!" Kelsey commanded. I dropped down to Harry's side, Louis was coughing I noticed he had a piece if one of the legs of the table through his stomach

Kelsey was at his side. I pulled Harry's head onto my lap

"Are you okay?" I asked he nodded slowly.

"Just gotta wait to heal." He said

"Zayn go get blood bags!" I instructed

"I can't believe you Louis! You're such a jerk!" I yelled at him

"Oh bite me!" He snapped at me

"You gotta get this out." He instructed Kelsey

"You need blood first, you've lost a lot." Kelsey said Louis looked at the floor where a pool of his blood was soaking his shirt.

"Oh look at that.. Remind me to compel a cleaning crew." He said Kelsey chuckled

"You might need a repair crew too. You and Harry broke the railing too." Kelsey said Harry chuckled I looked down at him, Louis and him looked at each other and laughed.

"One of these days were going to kill each other." Louis said

"You guys think this is funny?" I scolded Louis rolled his eyes, Zayn came back in tossing me blood bags, I handed one to Kelsey and opened one for Harry. Once they got the blood into their systems I heard their broken bones snapping back into place, Kelsey pulled the sliver out of Louis' stomach and he was breathing heavily it healed quickly, a circular hole in his blood soaked shirt revealed his tan skin healed.

"You alright mate?" Harry asked him

"Peachy, help me help?" Louis said to Kelsey she helped him up his shirt clung to his body from being wet.

Zayn looked at me. He stuck out his hand and I glanced at Louis before taking it.

"Real mature." Louis thought purposely his way of speaking to me without actually saying anything.

I shot him a dirty look.

Zayn helped Harry up as well.

"Dude, your blood got everywhere!" Harry said grumbling at his wet shirt.

"Why don't you grab a straw.. There's enough on the floor to quench your thirst." Louis spoke to my mind. I looked at him and walked with Harry. When I got close enough I broke away from Harry's side and landed a good hard slapped across Louis' face he smirked at me.

"What was that for?" Harry asked as we walked up the steps

"No one touches you but me." I said he chuckled and kissed my temple.

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