things that go bump in the night

Nicole was a normail girl, four friends each with a one direction boyfriend, exactly like her!
during a game of truth or dare, things start to go wrong. will all of them make it out alive, or will it all end in blood sweat and tears?
find out now!


2. truth or dare?

Nicole's P.O.V

"Louis! truth or dare!"
"um, dare!"

"ok, I dare you to-"

"I've got one!"

Helen interrupted me.

"this is a group dare that we all have to do."

"we're listening?"

"ok. I dare all of us to stay in number 13 on this street for a whole weekend. no leaving."

I couldn't believe she said that!

" Helen, you have no Idea how ridiculous that dare is. there isn't anything there!"
" well, if there isn't anything in there then we are totally going there for a weekend!"

Nicole's P.O.V

when we all got to the house, Harry was shaking.

" are you ok harry?"

" y-y-y-yeah I'm f-f-ine. just never spent the weekend in a haunted house before, louise."

then I could here Helen walking up the pathway.

"oh harry don't be a scaredy cat!"
louise wasn't having any of that.

"leave harry alone! he hasn't done this before. I'm pretty sure you have though, acting all tough like that!"

Louise's P.O.V

I couldn't believe what she had just said to harry! she was probably raised by ghosts and ghouls, she's that brave!

"should we knock the door?" I ask. stupid question.

" of course not! what's the point?"

knowing harry, he then butted in with a stupid answer.

"I think we should, just in case someone is living in there."

"of course honey!"
he then knocked the door. all of a sudden the door flew open, leaving harry to run right down the path and out the gate.

Helen peeped in.

"there is nothing there. probably just a bad lock."
zayn, being zayn then said,

"whatever, let's just go inside."
zayn and Helen are perfect for each other, both eager to do things.

and with that we all stepped inside.

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