things that go bump in the night

Nicole was a normail girl, four friends each with a one direction boyfriend, exactly like her!
during a game of truth or dare, things start to go wrong. will all of them make it out alive, or will it all end in blood sweat and tears?
find out now!


3. spooky start (cheesy i know)

Louis's P.O.V

o.m.g! it is scary as hell in here! I can just about see where i'm going coz the lights wont work, and, there is someone outside that wont go away coz they want our money for a new church!
" oh Louis! this is sooooooo creepy!!!!!" Nicole called to me from the bedroom, I think.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEAGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEAD BODY!!!!!!!!!!!" that was Nicole again.

"Nicole!? where are you!?"

"in the bedroom!!!"

"come on guys! we gotta go help her!"
and as we all walked in, sure enough, there was a dead body just lying there on the floor.

"was there a murder here? is that the owner?"

Nicole was the one to butt in. she did live four of five doors down from there.

"no. the woman that lived here died while she was in hospital, she had a heart attack, so I have no idea why this is here"

as I got down to investigate, I saw a bit of paper lying next to the body.

"hey look at this! it's a note! Chloe is this blood?"

"I don't know, ask Liam."

"no, do not come NEAR me with that thing! blood is like a sp-sp-spoon!"
"guys whatever! Louis just read it!"
"ok Nicole. it says: this is a warning to anyone else who gets this. I didn't live long enough to tell you this in person. but he's after you. you need to get out now!"

we all looked at eachother.

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