I Want Crazy

Clara and Faye are best friends who have always loved Hunter Hayes so what happens when they get the chance to meet him? Will he fall for one of them? What will happen between the girls if he does? What's his backstage life like? What happens when a major crisis happens before and during one of his concerts? i guess you'll just have to read to find out!


4. Somebody's Heartbreak

"Typically, a couple of my friends hang out and we mess around and stuff. I tune up my guitar and make sure I'm ready, but because everything is all set and I have an audience, i want to try something out." He got up and pulled out a guitar from behind his vanity and sat back down.  I looked up at him and smiled, he was really getting into the beat tapping the wood of his guitar. Slowly he began strumming and humming and began to sing starting, " I'd love to know just what you're thinkin, every river runnin threw your mind." He continued to sing every word, eyes closed, head nodding, foot tapping, until he was done. He looked up smiling and said, "I haven't decided on a title, but how was it?" I looked at him, astonished by the question, "of course, I mean, it was...AMAZING!" 

He laughed and said, "Than--" and then his voice squeaked and stopped. He smiled nervously and cleared his throat and tried to repeat saying, "th-" but nothing. His voice was gone. I couldn't believe that thirty seconds ago that angelic voice was singing a love song to me and now he couldn't speak. I then got extremely nervous. We snuck in here, breaking the rules, and now he can't preform because he lost his voice. Omg. Oh. My. God. What do we do?! I turned to Hunter, "WHAT DO WE DO?!?" He grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled. 


"I have no clue."


** This Chapter was written with A LOT of help from So_Radical , Go check her out!! **


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