I Want Crazy

Clara and Faye are best friends who have always loved Hunter Hayes so what happens when they get the chance to meet him? Will he fall for one of them? What will happen between the girls if he does? What's his backstage life like? What happens when a major crisis happens before and during one of his concerts? i guess you'll just have to read to find out!


3. Dreaming

         ~HUNTER'S P.O.V.~

I've been wondering whether or not i'll ever meet the right girl recently. Barbara was asking me the last question of the interview which was what type of girl i was interested in. Right after she asked this, i looked up at the catwalk and saw the most beautiful girl. She had long wavy blonde hair and green eyes. She was wearing a white tank top with an american flag on it, shorts, and red boots. I acted like i didn't see her so the security guards didn't throw her out and i honestly answered the question by telling her i don't have a type except for whoever can get along with me. She wished me good luck with the concert and left.

        After she left, i walked up to the catwalk and talked to the girls. I asked them if they were supposed to be there (which they weren't) and I told them they could stay. I gave them a tour and brought them to my dressing room. 

         ~CLARA'S P.O.V.~

  We followed Hunter to his dressing room. I couldn't help but think that he was tricking us yet a part of me trusted him. I don't know why because I've never actually met him before in my life but i just do. On the way to his dressing room, he pointed to a room close to the make-up and hair stations and told us that was where the opening acts usually are but he didn't have an opening act for this tour. He also told us that if there was more than one opening act then they had to share a dressing room. He pointed to another room and told us it was the meet and great room. The room right next door was the catering room. Then he told us that the rooms we saw him and the band in were the warm up/practice room and the press room aka the green room. Next, he showed us where the side of the stage was and the door leading out to the tour buses. We saw his band bringing equipment onto the stage. His dressing room was in a private area set aside from everything else with a direct pathway to the stage so he didn't have to encounter fans on the way to perform. He was the only one that had this dressing room.  We walked into Hunter's dressing room and sat down.

         "During the concert it's pretty boring back here because it's just a bunch of people trying to make sure I get onstage and everything works out so unless you're into concert production it's not that fun of a place," Hunter said to us, "but you guys can watch from the area i showed you on the side of the stage if you want."

         "Alright. So what do you usually do while your waiting for the concert to start?" Faye asked.

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