I Want Crazy

Clara and Faye are best friends who have always loved Hunter Hayes so what happens when they get the chance to meet him? Will he fall for one of them? What will happen between the girls if he does? What's his backstage life like? What happens when a major crisis happens before and during one of his concerts? i guess you'll just have to read to find out!


7. cry

I was so terrified of what had been happening that i hadn't realized the power had come back on. I slowly and scarcely walked out of the room. I walked to Hunter's dressing room and tried to act like everything was ok as i walked inside. Hunter, his manager, Faye, the security guards and the band were in there. I walked in and Hunter quickly walked over to me.

"Clara, i was so worried! where were you?"

"i see you got your voice back. I tried to find my way back here in the dark after i couldn't find Faye and got lost. when the lights came back on i tried to find my way back and i finally did."

he knew i was lieing. i could see it in his eyes.

"I got my voice back shortly after the lights went out. are you sure that's what happened you don't look ok."

"Just a little childhood trauma that's all."


He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and brought me over to the couch sitting me down. I tried not to flinch when he put his arm around me but i was really nervous that he would rape me too. Actually, i was scared that anyone i saw would. I could see Devin staring at my out of the corner of my eye. He looked pissed! Did he actually think i would go out with him if he raped me?!?! Well he thought wrong! I had to tell Hunter what he did but i was afraid of what Devin would do if he found out. He told me he would kill anyone i told and loved. Does that mean he would kill Hunter? How could he. there friends. right? I was brought back to reality when Hunter's manager began to speak.

"When the lights went out all the fans began to worry and leave so it looks like tonights show isn't happening. I'm sorry Hunter," he appoligized.

"it's ok. there's nothing we could have done about it," Hunter said before he got up and walked out of the room.

I looked at his manager and he nodded for me to go talk to him. i walked out of the room and followed Hunter to another room. I kept yelling his name but he wouldn't turn around. He walked into the room slamming the door behind him. I got to the door, sighed, opened it and walked in. Hunter was sitting on the couch with his head in his hands. i walked over and sat down next to him, rubbing his back.

"What's wrong?" i asked.

"i feel so bad for the fans! i mean, they came here to watch me sing and perform and then the power went out which meant no show. They deserved a show and they didn't get one," he replied finally picking his head up and looking at me.

"it's not your fault. theres nothing you could've done about it," i replied trying to comfort him. "they checked the power and everything was fine. no one expected it."

"i guess you're right. So what's wrong with you?" he asked concerned.

"what are you talking about?" i replied as if nothing was wrong.

"i know somethings wrong. i could see how upset you were when you walked in and when i put my arm around you i felt you flinch. please don't lie to me."

i began to cry and he pulled me into a hug.

"Devin. h-h-he shut off the p-power and the he r-r-raped m-me," i said in between cries.

"i don't believe this. why would he do that?!?! I'm going to tell security!!!" Hunter screamed letting me go and standing up to go get security.

"NO!!!!!" i screamed grabbing his arm.

"why not?!?!?!?! he can't do that and get away with it! I'm not going to let him!"

"he said he would kill you and everyone else i love."

"you love me?" he asked sitting back down again.

"well i don't know we just met. i mean, i might," i said looking down.

"well i might love you too."

he put his hand under my chin lifting my head up so i was looking at him. He slowly leaned forward and so did i. our lips smashed together and began to move in sync. he wrapped his arms around my waist and i wrapped mine around his neck and ran my hands through his hair. we pulled away and hugged.

"i guess we can tell the security guards," i said.

"alright come on," he said taking my hand and bringing towards them.

"We have to talk to you," he said.

We explained everything to him and when we were done they arrested him.

"You still up for dinner?" Hunter asked.

"of course," i replied.

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