I Want Crazy

Clara and Faye are best friends who have always loved Hunter Hayes so what happens when they get the chance to meet him? Will he fall for one of them? What will happen between the girls if he does? What's his backstage life like? What happens when a major crisis happens before and during one of his concerts? i guess you'll just have to read to find out!


2. A Thing About You

We drove past the entrance door and around the corner to where the back door was and parked. 

        "You ready to do this?" I asked.

        "As ready as I'll ever be," Faye replied.

        We got out of the car and walked over to the backstage door. i took a deep breath and opened it. There was no one on the other side to guard it so i looked at Faye and then we walked inside. i slowly and quietly closed the door behind us. I looked around. To our left there was a stairwell which led to the catwalk and to our right there was make-up and hair tables and security guards crowded around a table of food. i grabbed Faye's hand and pulled her up the catwalk before any of them could see us. 

         "Why'd we come up here?" she whispered. when we got to the top i pointed to the table of security guards and she nodded to say she understood. Behind the tables for make-up and hair and the security guards hang out, there was rooms with glass ceilings. 

       < What's up with the glass ceilings?> i texted Faye.

        <to add light maybe?> she replied

        <hmmm maybe> i replied.

       We looked over the other side and there were more rooms with glass ceilings except they were closer so we could see inside them. They were all empty except the first and second ones. In the first one was Hunter's band members but no Hunter. Inside the second one was Barbara Walters and HUNTER HAYES! HUNTER HAYES! inside i was fangirling but outside i was staying calm so no one heard us. I watched as the band picked up their instruments and as Hunter answered all of Barbara's questions. 

        <wow those things must really be sound proof> Faye texted me snapping me out of my trance. I nodded to her in agreement. Then, i looked over to my right and saw a bunch of headphones with studio numbers on them. i poked her and pointed to them and we walked over and put them on. For the first few minutes we listened to the band practice. Then, we listened to Hunter's interview. Barbara asked him stuff like what he liked about being on tour, what his favorite and song on the album was. Then, he said that he had a surprise for everyone living in South Carolina. Faye and I looked at each other and then back at the interview. 

         "I'm going to be staying here for a little while because this is the last stop on my tour and i want some down time to write more music," Hunter said.

Faye and i gave each other an excited look. The interview continued with some more normal questions and then Barbara asked what type of girl hes interested in.

         "I don't even have a type i don't think. My type is just whoever can get a long with me," Hunter replied. As he said this he looked up at me and i swear there was a spark. The only problem was i know he saw us. was he going to tell the security guards? 

        "Well Hunter, i'll let you get ready for the big show. goodluck," Barbara said before shaking his hand and walking away. They both walked out and Hunter walked under the catwalk and out of our sights.

       "Hunter saw us and I think he's going to tell security," I whispered into Faye's ear.

       "Let's go," she said. We turned towards the exit but there was someone standing in the doorway. I looked down because it was either get chased down or go calmly and possibly stay. 

      "Are you girls supposed to be up here?" said Hunter Hayes. my head shot up and i noticed it was only him. I looked at Faye who was standing there practically frozen. 

      "No. Not really. I'm sorry. We couldn't get tickets and we really wanted to see your show and i've been backstage multiple times because i've lived in this town my whole life so i've had friends who've brought me backstage and we sorta snuck in to see you. I'm really sorry. we'll leave if you want," i replied trying to stay calm.

        "No it's alright. You told me the truth and you've made it this far. I really appreciate that you told me the truth because most girls will just lie so they can stay when i know that only crew are supposed to be up here."

        "Wow that's really sweet of you," i said blushing.

        "Hey. no problem. you can stay in my dressing room till after the show then i'll give you a tour," he said with a smile.

        "Thanks," i said returning the smile. i snapped Faye out of her daze and we followed Hunter to his dressing room. 



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