All I Ask Of You (A Phantom of the Opera prequel)

We all know the story of The Phantom of The Opera, We all loved the romance between Raoul and Christine. Some of us wanted there to be more between The Phantom and Christine. We all have heard how Raoul went into the sea to fetch Christine's scarf and that the two grew up together. We all wonder what their childhood was like. 

Raoul de Chagny and Christine Daae were just kids. Monsiuer Daae use to tell them stories of the North. All was fine. Christine then grew up, and all changed. Her father died. She became a dancer at the Opera Populaire.  "Little Lottie" changed all together. What of their childhood though?


2. Prolouge

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Phantom of The Opera or any of the characters or dialouge from the musical.

"My dear, I was asked to give you this." Madame Giry told Christine Daae.

"A red scarf.... The attic.... Little Lotte..." Christine scanned the page muttering, slightly above a whisper.

As she read, voices floated down the stairs, getting closer and closer. 

"Christine Daae, where is your scarf?" A voice interupted Christine.

"Monsiuer?" Christine adressed the voice.

"You can't have lost it. Not after all the trouble I took.I was just fourteen and soaked to the skin!" The man's voice had a humorous tone.

":Because you had run into the sea to fetch my scarf!"Christine exclaimed, realizing who it was." Oh, Raoul. So it is you!"

"Christine.Little Lotte, Let your mind wander ..." Raoul spoke of what her father had said to her when they were younger.

"Remember that, too?"Christine asked excitedly.

"Little Lotte thought,' Am I fonder of dolls...'" Raoul continued.

"Or of goblins or shoes..." Christine joined him in saying this.

"Or of riddles or frocks?" Christine finished.

"Those picnics in the attic? Or of chocolates?" Raoul asked if she remembered.

"Father playing the violin..." Christine trailed off.

"As we read to each other dark stories of the North..." Raoul finished for Christine.

"'No, what I love best', Lotte said, 'is when I'm asleep in my bed, and the Angel of Music sings songs in my head!'" Christine smiled at old memories.

"The Angel of Music sings song in my head!" Raoul repeated.

"Father said, "When I'm in heaven, child, I will send the Angel of Music to you”. Well, father is dead, Raoul, and I have been visited by the Angel of Music."Christine told Raoul of joyous news.

"There’s no doubt of that. But now, we'll go to supper!" Raoul invited Christine.

" No, Raoul, the Angel of Music is very strict!" Christine tried to explain.

"I shan't keep you up late!" Raoul joked.

"No, Raoul..." Christine cried out.

"You must change. I must get my hat. Two minutes Little Lotte!" Raoul smiled fondly, his brown eyes shining.

" Raoul! Things have changed, Raoul!" Christine called after him as he walked up the stairs.

"Insolent boy! This slave of fashion,basking in your glory!Ignorant fool!This brave young suitor,sharing in my triumph!" Christine's new tutor, The Angel of Music, bellowed from a hidden area.

"Angel! I hear you!Speak - I listen ...stay by my side, guide me!Angel, my soul was weak -forgive me ...enter at last, Master!" Christine tried to apologize.

"Flattering child,you shall know me,see why in shadow I hide!Look at your face in the mirror -I am there inside!" The Angel appeared by Christine's reflection.

"Angel of Music!Guide and guardian!Grant to me your glory!Angel of Music!Hide no longer!Come to me, strange angel ..." Christine said as the mirrior opened up to reveal the "Angel of Music".

Christine stepped in and the mirror closed behind her.

"Christine!" Raoul cried out to her.

But it was to late. Little Lotte was gone...

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