All I Ask Of You (A Phantom of the Opera prequel)

We all know the story of The Phantom of The Opera, We all loved the romance between Raoul and Christine. Some of us wanted there to be more between The Phantom and Christine. We all have heard how Raoul went into the sea to fetch Christine's scarf and that the two grew up together. We all wonder what their childhood was like. 

Raoul de Chagny and Christine Daae were just kids. Monsiuer Daae use to tell them stories of the North. All was fine. Christine then grew up, and all changed. Her father died. She became a dancer at the Opera Populaire.  "Little Lottie" changed all together. What of their childhood though?


3. Chapter One- A Red Scarf

'The sea. A beautiful place to be.' thought the Young Raoul De Chagny, who was spending his time with his family by the sea shore.

On this particular day, there was a celebration ringing out across the land. A new king had been born. What better time to spend the celebration by the shore? 

Raoul's hazel eyes scanned the length of the sand, seeing another family down a short ways. The girl, faded in the distance, had curly, brown hair that barely brushed the waist. She wore a black dress, accented with a red scarf. The father reached to grab the girl's hand, his smile grew in size as he saw the girl's smile in equal size. The mother.... What of the mother? Where was she? The mother seemed to be missing from the scene. They girl and her father were walking closer and chatting. Raoul could hear parts of their conversation.

"Mother would have loved this." He could barely hear her voice.

" Indeed, she would have, child." The father nodded sadly.

Raoul had listened for quite some time, until he saw the girl sit down within reach and the father walk back the way they came to retrieve the basket. His parents would have never done such a thing. Grandfather forbade it. 

The girl's face saddened as she sat in silence. Raoul could now see her features clearly. She looked as if she was his age, fourteen, and was petite. Her eyes were a chocolate brown, but looked black from the angle. Her skin, a pale color, not much of a peach, but not sheet white. Her hair was tied back in a black bow. She sat for awhile in the uneventful air. 

Suddenly, the red scarf unfolded itself from the girl's neck. It twisted around in the air. The thin piece of elegant fabric landed afloat a bit of ways from the shore. If you went to fetch it, you would be soaked, from head-to-toe. The girl jumped up and, tripping over her dress, instantly landed where she was before. The girl's skin was a ghostly white as she muttered to herself along the lines of, "Not mother's scarf."

Raoul didn't think of what he was doing. He instantly shot up and walked over to the girl and then, into the sea. By the time Raoul reached the scarf, he was soaked completely. He retrieved the scarf and brought it back to the girl, soaked to the skin. He handed it to the girl.

"Thank you, Monsieur." The young miss smiled.

"Please, call me Raoul, Mademoiselle. I do not care for being called Monsieur." Raoul replied, returning the smile. He offered his hand.

The girl shook it. "Christine. Christine Daaé."She told Raoul her name. "Tell me.... Raoul.... Why did you go into the sea to fetch my red scarf?" Christine questioned.

'Christine..... What a pretty name.' Raoul thought.

Raoul blushed." I-I-I....ummmm...." He rocked on his heels back and forth.... Back and forth. He than sat by the girl.

"Yes?" Christine asked, grinning a bit.

".... Never mind...." Raoul mumbled.

"Little Lotte!" The girl's father came back. "and... Monsiuer..... Why in the world are you all soaked?" He suspiciously eyed Raoul.

"Oh, Father! Because Raoul went into the sea to fetch my scarf." Christine's voice merrily rung through Raoul's head.

"Thank you, good Monsiuer. Now if you'll excuse me, we ought to get go-" Christine's father started.

"Oh, Father! Can we stay?" Christine interrupted, eyes shining brightly.

Christine was beautiful. Even for such a young age. They were old enough to know love, except it was so foreign to Raoul, he did not know what the new feeling was.

"Of course, Christine." Her father smiled.

Raoul and Christine chatted as the adults talked. It would appear, they'd meet again.


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