Young Love

Meeting the one you want to spent the rest of your life with normally takes years and the average person goes through multiple heart breaks. But when the 15 year old McKenzie meets Nick in here science class she can't help but feel and weird and warm sensation in her heart. After getting to know him there relationship takes a drastic turn, McKenzie doesn't know where she can handle it.


1. First Day Back

Walking down the corridor, with head phones in full pelt. You can tell no one wants to be here,the dumb half asleep looks on everyone's faces just screams I wanna be here. First thing on a Monday morning  with the most hated but surprisingly best teacher in the school, i walk in the room and shes already yelling at people. I pull my head phones out, not wanting to lose them for a week, and see where i'm meant to be sitting. That's just great, front table with 2 guys that I don't know, bring on the bulling. See that's a thing with me last year i dated a guy in the year bellow, worst idea ever as when we broke up he started telling everyone that we had, had sex and all the shit that goes with it. But we never did, when i was 8 my gay granddad had raped me and made me watch him do it to my little brother. So i'm not a virgin no but does mean i can't wait to give myself to the right person. I sit, down write my name on my book and look up to see, the cheekiest smile on the planet the cutest dimples you would ever see and the deepest blue eyes that any gril ould just swim and get lost in for hours. I here y slef sigh and relax into my hand and stare at the newly defined peice of man sat infront of me. Maybe this year wont to be bad after all.



Hey guys, 

The names Maddy and i'm really sorry for the short chapter but i want to get your thoughts on the idea and to see how you like what I've written. Will Post more tomorrow. :) xxx

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