Serena is a 17 year old girl, who lives in Londen, on school she's the quiet one, the weird kid, because she never talks to anyone except her parents and other older people. She tells herself that she isn't worth it, that's when Louis Tomlinson came to her school.


1. Who am i kidding?!

“Serena?! C’mon get up, you have to go to school today!” mum shouted and closed the door shut. I sighed and lifted my legs over the edge of the bed. I got up and walked over to my closet. We weren’t a poor family but I don’t have much clothes.

I picked a light blue jeans and a black thank top and walked over to the bathroom. I showered and brushed my teeth. I didn’t put any make-up on as I had no one the impress.

I put the clothes I chose on and walked downstairs to the kitchen. I took an apple from the fruit basket and said my mom goodbye while I made my way to the school; luckily it wasn’t that far away, so I could go by foot.

When I arrived I didn’t see any form of life. I checked the time on my phone and saw the lessons already had started. I looked at my schedule to see I had history class now from Mrs.  Smith. I hurried down the hallway to the classroom.

“Good afternoon Serena!” Mrs. Smith said sarcastically.

I greeted back and walked over to the only empty seat in the room, next to some boy I didn’t know, probably a new student. I took my books and sat down.

“Hi, I’m Louis, I’m new here!” someone said. I looked to my right and saw the boy whose name was probably Louis smiling at me while he held his hand out. I shook it while I smiled back at him and returned my focus back to the teacher.

“Won’t you tell me your name?” Louis asked but Dean, the most popular guy in the school probably heard it because he answered Louis question:

“That’s Serena, don’t waste your time at her dude, she won’t say anything back, and she isn’t worth to talk to.” He said and Louis was taken aback by his answer. I felt the tears burning in my eyes.

“Is this true Serena?” Louis asked. I shrugged and fell a tear roll over my cheek. I whipped it away with my thumb before anyone saw it, but it was too late. Louis saw it.

“Sorry but it isn’t weird that she won’t talk if everyone says she’s not worth it!” he snapped back at Dean who shrugged, not really impressed.

“Dick.” Louis said almost without sound. I smiled at him, thankfully. Louis smiled back.

At the end of the lesson I took my schedule out of my pocket to look which lessen I had now.

“Hey, we have the same schedule!” I heard Louis say. I looked at his schedule and saw he was right.

“Would you mind walking together?” he asked and I smiled.

“I consider that as a yes!” he said and I laughed while shaking my head up and down.

‘Maybe I have a new friend now?!’ I thought but shook it off. ‘Who am I kidding; he probably would think the same of me as the others do.’ I felt the tears sting in my eyes, which made me feel weak and worse than before.

“Are you okay?” Louis asked and I shook my head up and down while the tears went away. Louis smiled to me while we walked to science.



This is my first Movella, after being a member for more than an half year, i wish i had made one earlier, but if i knew a good story and wanted to write it i already forgot it or i had a writers block. but this one i going to be it! Thanks for reading and leave something in the comment box!


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