Where are they now?

It is the year 2020 and One Direction has been in hiding for the last 4 years, they started a business called B-Tech and they have all been adapting roles to keep the company going, Zayn, having the hardest of roles, dressing like a woman. Has to try and keep the prying eyes of their other co-workers away. Acting to be Married to Jonny (Louis) the only people who know about their true Identity is themselves and their actual families, but they have had to go into hiding too. Louis is having trouble with Eleanor, while Liam and Harry don't know what they have to return to. Niall is happy and carefree with no special girl to come back to, or does he?


4. What's Elounour's secret???

Liam's POV-
'Umm, Danielle what do you mean by 'I was waiting for you?' She looks at me, sighing she slowly sits down 'Ummm, .......Elounour...told-me' 'What's wrong with Elounour telling you?' I ask, Sarah starts screaming and runs over to Danielle 'Mummy, I hurt my little finger!' Danielle looks at me as she picks Sarah up, sitting Sarah on her lap 'You seriously don't know, do you?' What's wrong with Elounour, what happened to her, is she hurt did she do something wrong 'Is she ok?' 'Yeah she's.....fine but Louis doesn't have much to come back to I can tell you that' That's when it clicks to me 'Y-you mean Elounour left Louis' She nods, this is fucking fantastic, could this get any worse for Louis? 'Oh and he has another surprise when he gets to Laurens' Oh fuck 'Y-you mean?' 'Yes Liam she did' I feel so bad for Louis now. How could Elounour do that to him, well I guess he's going to need help and I don't think I can do it alone, I think it's gonna need all of us and I don't know how many others.  

What do you think the Surprise at Lauren's is??? Comment below! <3

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