Where are they now?

It is the year 2020 and One Direction has been in hiding for the last 4 years, they started a business called B-Tech and they have all been adapting roles to keep the company going, Zayn, having the hardest of roles, dressing like a woman. Has to try and keep the prying eyes of their other co-workers away. Acting to be Married to Jonny (Louis) the only people who know about their true Identity is themselves and their actual families, but they have had to go into hiding too. Louis is having trouble with Eleanor, while Liam and Harry don't know what they have to return to. Niall is happy and carefree with no special girl to come back to, or does he?


2. This is it

*1 month later*

Jonny (Louis's) POV-
'There you go Mr...?' he waits for the response 'Webster' I finish his sentence 'Yes, well Mr. Webster the forms are nearly completed, all we need is a signature from you...' I lent over the table quickly signing the paper, this was the last time I had to write this fake signature, the last time I had to do any of this, the last time we had to dress up as the B-Tech office managers, the last time One Direction's existence has been denied. I sit up and smile to myself, this is the last time I have to fake all of this and my last day without Elounor.

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