Where are they now?

It is the year 2020 and One Direction has been in hiding for the last 4 years, they started a business called B-Tech and they have all been adapting roles to keep the company going, Zayn, having the hardest of roles, dressing like a woman. Has to try and keep the prying eyes of their other co-workers away. Acting to be Married to Jonny (Louis) the only people who know about their true Identity is themselves and their actual families, but they have had to go into hiding too. Louis is having trouble with Eleanor, while Liam and Harry don't know what they have to return to. Niall is happy and carefree with no special girl to come back to, or does he?


5. I don't know

Elounour's POV-
I left them there, with Lauren. I can never tell any of them why, I left all the people that mattered the most to me because he told me too. I can never see nor speak to any of them again, that's what he said, or he'll hurt them. I can't put them in danger, I would rather suffer alone, in this dying hell hole. I hope that they understand, they should be getting home about now, I wish I could tell them why, but now I'm gone. I've disappeared from their lives, maybe one day I hope they will forget about me. I can't believe I've been here for a month already.

Lauren's POV-
I'm cooking dinner for the twins, I don't know what I'm going to do with them. Taking in children and not being their birth mother doesn't give me any parental rights, but it's funny how she calls me 'Mummy' they tell me that it's my fault that I took them in but what they don't know is that Elounour had to leave or they would be after them, they wouldn't even be alive. I have no idea what to do, I sigh. It's hard work with these two, they are four year old's, a girl and a boy. She was just pregnant with them when they... I can't even bring myself to speak of the incident but it keeps repeating in my head Harry is dead, my love is dead. I look around and see Amber entering the room "Hey sweetie, what's up?" "T-there's someone at the door..." That's strange, I wasn't expecting anyone. I quickly put the pasta into the pot of boiling water and headed to the door. Expecting it to be Danielle, I opened the door without thinking, but it wasn't Danielle, it was the one person who I thought I would never see again, the one person who died 4 years ago "H-harry?"

Harry's POV-
I ducked down the road to get some Nando's for Danielle, Liam, Lauren and I to share. So Liam went in a separate car. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket so I quickly snatched it out. I looked down at the text
From: LiamBabe<3

Lauren's moved next door to Danielle's old apartment. They said it kinda got crowded after we left...


What, that makes no sense, whatever. I look down the familiar street and see that same green roof, I pull the car into the small parking space and jump out. Quickly I run up the stairs, waiting a moment to catch my breath and think before I knock, can I do this?

I look at Lauren, the girl I had to leave 4 years ago for her safety. She was as beautiful as she last was but she seemed tired, she was wearing a dirty apron with fresh spaghetti sauce covering it, it's unlike Lauren to cook a meal for herself. Maybe she's moved on? "Ummm.....Hey....." She looks at me with the same expression she had when she first opened the door, shocked, astonished and like she thought she was going crazy. The silence was getting awkward "It's unlike you to be cooking a meal for yourself" Immediately she looks directly at me and snaps "Well, it's unlike you to disappear of the face of the earth for four years then magically appear!" she pauses for a moment and begins to mumble "and it's not like I'm alone..." "Oh, I'm sorry, am I interrupting any plans?" "N-not really..." at the same time a little girl appears next to her "Mummy, Patwick is doowing something weird..." Mummy, wait! No, no, no. Immediately Lauren sprints down the hall. Well the girl does look around four. "Hello, what's your name?" she looks at me, her blue eyes looking like orbs, like Lauren's. "A-ambwer" "Hello amber! Who's Patrick?" "He's my bwoba" she smiles at me shit. Twins? This can't be happening.

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