Where are they now?

It is the year 2020 and One Direction has been in hiding for the last 4 years, they started a business called B-Tech and they have all been adapting roles to keep the company going, Zayn, having the hardest of roles, dressing like a woman. Has to try and keep the prying eyes of their other co-workers away. Acting to be Married to Jonny (Louis) the only people who know about their true Identity is themselves and their actual families, but they have had to go into hiding too. Louis is having trouble with Eleanor, while Liam and Harry don't know what they have to return to. Niall is happy and carefree with no special girl to come back to, or does he?


1. 4 years later: 2020

Zayn's POV-
It's been 4 years since we've been in hiding from them, four years of hiding our families, four years of tours and four years of the fan's we've missed. In a month, it's our 10 year anniversary, and we plan to take the stage back, claim the spotlight and tell everyone what really happened. Now that there all dead and gone we can finally make our comeback. We had nothing to do with their deaths, that was none of our doing, all of them dead within the week, obviously someone other than us wanted them dead. I look around at the prying eyes of my work colleagues, only four of them know my true identity and the others think I'm just a hot playgirl. I've had my fair share of their sexual harassment, then I get Louis to fire them. We've been like undercover agents for the past four years and I'm sick of putting on this stupid costume everyday, I still have trouble in heels and I find myself constantly adjusting these fake breasts. One month and it will all be over, one month and One Direction will live again, they sabotaged our work, they sabotaged our plane, only because the pilot told us that he was hired to kill us is the reason why were still alive today, I am thankful of him and he is a great person, currently flying people from Australia to England, were supposed to be flying to England with him in 2 weeks, no-more B-Tech, no-more hot weather. Just us and our home countries, we'll see our families again, we'll be able to explain everything, we'll hopefully have our lives together again. You see, we moved to Australia because it is where they would least have expected us to go if we survived. I'll be able to see Perrie and the kids again, Louis will be able to see Eleanor, I have no idea what has been going on between them, things got awkward before we went into hiding. Liam will have Danielle, things are on and off between them, but I don't know wether they will get together, cause Danielle and Lauren don't know that we're still alive (for those who don't know Lauren is Harry's girlfriend) and Niall will be the single pringle. Perrie and I got married on September 20th 2013, and we have 3 kids, Ava (3 1/2), Madison (5) and Lucas (7). Now if you're wondering, yes, I have seen Perrie in the past four years, I would go crazy without her, she went in hiding with the kids for a year when there were rumours that they were going to harm them, but they turned out false and Perrie returned to little mix while the kids stayed with my parents. Perrie was just pregnant with Ava when the Accident happened so everyone was worried for her mental health when I supposedly died, but I called her before we were supposed to die and I told her what was happening and that I would send her a mail later telling her where we were. After the crash we were to destroy our phones and we had to restart our lives. Every time Perrie comes to Australia she'll visit us, it's risky but she says that I'm one of her old friends (well veronica that is). Well enough with the re-cap of my life, I have no idea why I am talking to myself so I'll just stop now... no, now.... for god sakes Zayn! stop talking to yourself!
I look to see Harry (dressed as Marcel) running through the corridors, he'll probably fall over, but that's not my problem, I stand up and start to make my way from my desk. I see Liam (Note to self: Leeroy) dancing, he looks the most like himself, if that sounds right. He doesn't have a full transformation and well, I have the biggest. I head into Louis' (Jonny's) office and I see the papers spread across the table, his head resting on the desk. I can tell he's stressed, I enter the office and close the door, seems were supposedly married it's not usual for me to be in here. 'You right lou?' I look at him as he raises his head from the desk. 'Yeah, I'm fine Zayn, it's just that I have to get the paperwork sorted for the company closing' I decided it was best if I left him alone in a minute 'Do you need the pages you're missing?' he looked at me, dumbfound 'What do you mean missing?' I look at him and laugh, what can I say? This was hysterical 'I couldn't help but notice page 126 and 127 were missing' he starts laughing too 'That's why this was so confusing, thanks Zayn and yes if you may' I start laughing again 'Oh getting sassy again are we, here comes the lou I know, ok well I betta fly, be back in about 10 minutes.' and with that I left.

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