Slenderman's Birth

Ever wondered where a Slenderman comes from? Well why don't you find out?


2. Slendy, where are we going?

Sammy wakes up to the smell of burning flesh. Slendy was sitting in a chair, looking down at the ground like he was crying. She saw smoke coming from his shoulder, he was branded with some sort of symbol that looked like a circle inside a bigger circle.
    "What happend to you?" Sammy asks calmly.
"O thank god you're awake! They would have my head if you had died." He said releived.
"Why would I die? I feel fine, did something happen while i was asleep?"
    Slendy begins to explain," While you were asleep we began to check your life signs to make sure the process was moving smoothly. I was in charge of making sure you stayed asleep while this went on. Then you woke up, the straps broke and you ran around screaming. You killed three of the reseachers and injured two of them."
"WHAT?! How? Did I have a knife or a gun or..."
She was stoped mid sentence," No! Your tentacles of course, did you not notice you had them?"
    She tried to turn her head to look at her back but she couldn't see past the table. Slendy walked behind it and pulled one of these tentacles into her vision. She couldn't believe it, she wouldn't believe it if she hadn't been able to feel him touching it.
    "So if you were wondering, this IS apart of the process."
"What is the process?" She asked sounding like a little, scared girl.
"We are slowly turning you into one of us, us being me and Master of course"
"Who is Master?"
"He didn't even tell you his name, how cruel. The first thing you met when you woke up, in the black suit."
    Master? Really? Is he their leader? and why was he so mean to Slendy? Sammy thought to herself as Slendy began talking again.
"He isn't our leader, but he is mine. He owns me because of something I did a long time ago, and yes I do hear your thoughts."
"WHAT?!? How can you read my thoughts? Who are you? What are you? TELL ME!" Sammy yelled softly.
"I am Slendy, my real name long lost in whats left of my mind, I am one of the few who went through the process but it didn't work correctly. Thats why I look so differant from the others." he says so sadly that it seemed like he would cry just from talking about it.
    He looked down at the ground and picked something out of the dirt. It was a rose, but not the first one from before it was newly grown as if it was just planted. Slendy placed it in one of the straps and the thorns dug into her skin. Her wrist started to bleed, not very much but enough to hurt. Then the strap comes loose! Her hand was freely hanging there and she just stared at it for a minute. She was astonished by the fact that she was free.
    Slendy wrapped a bowtie around her wound but it was white and slowly turned red as she bleed into it. " I hope that didn't hurt to much, I needed to trick the others to think you would still be on the table. Now let me get off those other ones."
    He removes all the straps and take out the gag. "Thank you! Thank you so much! Why, why did you free me? Won't you get in more trouble?" Sammy said ecstatically.
"I will get in trouble again anyways. That's why I have the brand here on my shoulder, but that doesn't matter now. What matters that we get out, now let me get you some cloths instead of the rags you are wearing."
    She hadn't noticed that she was actually wearing rags, very torn and dirty. She was practicly naked. What had they done to her that required her not to have clothes? Just then Slendy comes back with a black suit like Master's but without the tie.
"Wear this, you will blend in better with this."
"What about these things" She replies while pointing at her back were the tentacles are located.
"That's why your wearing these and not you actual clothes, it will stretch and bend to make sure you're comfortable."
    She put on the suit and it fit so perfectly, It was tight enough tore you could practically see her body perfectly but it was loose enough that if was like floating around her. As soon as she was done Slendy grabbed at her arm and began to pull her into the dark.
"WOW I'm not going that way, I can't see a thing!" she says as she pulls away from him.
"You need to trust me if you want out of here, otherwise you are going to die! Do you trust me?
"I don't really have much a choice, now do I?"
    Slendy shook his head as he pulled her into the dark. As soon as she stepped into the dark, there was no light anywhere. She couldn't even see Slendy right in front of her, and she knew she should be scared but for some reason, she was comforted by the dark. She couldn't even sleep with out her lamp on in her room but, she could walk through the dark like is was as bright as the sun. She was afraid of a lot of goofy thing like the dark, small hallways, big hallways, cramped spaces, large animals, and even small animals.
    All of a sudden she was blinded by a bunch of bright lights shinning in some sort of big cave with guys who looked like Master walking around, paying no attention to Sammy or Slendy. "Don't worry they won't bother us, they're afraid of touching me because they might turn into me," Slendy said to Sammy to try and calm her.
"So they are rasicist?"
"In a sense, a bit less severe but similar. Doesn't matter though because we are leaving."
    Sammy was astonished about how much Slendy was doing just to free her. What would happen when she left, what would happen to her if she left, and what about the process?
"Slendy, what will happen if we don't stop the process?"
"O you think we can stop it. NO, you are going to turn into one of us no matter what, it irreversible. The most we can to is make you like me, Still able to care about people and other things but you will not be able to live your life normally. I'm sorry."
    Sammy stopped. "WHAT?!?! There has to be something? I don't want to be like you, I like being human, I like being my own. I don't want to and I won't. There has to be something!?!"
"Well maybe, but none of that matters if we don't get out! Lets keep going."
    It took what she thought was hours, but it was only one, to get to the exit. It was a huge metal door guarded by some big muscled Master look-a-like. Slendy waved him aside and he let us through. As they aproached the door a small door opened that was on the bigger door, so they went through the door and it closed behind them. Then there was a blinding light ahead, Slendy let go of me and started to slowly walk toward the light. Sammy ran passed Slendy and reached the light faster than she thought. It was so bright and she was blinded for a minute.

    "Welcome back to the light, Slendy."

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