"Skyborn, sweet Skyborn Here be lain in this human form Skyborn, you shall sing no more"

The Skyborn are creatures who fly through space, living among the above. When girl, a Skyborn girl, is pushed through a wormhole towards planet earth a tale of adventure is sure to unfold. With a tangle of memories and nightmares, revenge and belonging can she find out where she belongs


3. Skyline - Chapter Two

My bones should have shattered into a million pieces and I should’ve died. But maybe Aris did save me. I hope that is true. I believe that is true. I must’ve blacked out before I hit the ground, for I didn’t feel a thing.

My eyes opened. Light poured in from through a pair of yellow curtains. The walls around me were decorated with blue wallpaper covered with sweet yellow marigolds. The soft sunny sheets were soothing against my bruised skin.

The door, yellow also, opened. A woman, who looked in her mid thirties, peeked in.

“Oh good; you’re awake!” She pushed the door open further, presenting a tray, laden with food. I’d never had human food before. We ate whatever we could find and catch. She brought the tray to me and stood there smiling, waiting. She laughed.

“Well sit up then.” She laughed, sweetly. I pushed myself into a sitting position, and squinted in pain. The quilt slipped down me, revealing my bruised, bare, upper body. She smiled oddly and handed me the tray.

“There’s toast here and a cup of tea, I’ll bring you some clothes now.” She smiled and went out of the bright room, she avoided the question of how I came to be bruised and battered on her property. Closing the door behind her and leaving me alone. Again.

The toast, as she had called it, was awfully crunchy and warm, it was covered in a jelly like substance that tasted like oranges. Aris used to bring me back oranges from the lite planet when I was younger, each segment exploded in my mouth leaving me baffled and joyful every time. I remember her laughing at me, wiping the sticky juice from my cheeks. Her laugh was so pretty. So sweet. She used to bring me other fruit too.

But I’d never experienced fruit like this. The tea tasted strange, but was relaxing. I drank all of it. I put the tray on the table beside the bed. I sat there for a while, scanning my body for bruises with my hands. A lot on my thighs and shins, on my shoulders and arms, all over my torso, one on my neck, and some on my hipbones. How had I survived? It would have been impossible without some kind of protection, or maybe I hadn't been completely human, maybe I still arn't. Perhaps the spell just makes us blend in with the humans.

But inside we're still Skyborn.

The lady came back in with a pile of neatly folded garments. She smiled.

“Here are some clothes for you,” She laid them down on the foot of the bed, “Come downstairs when you’re ready.” She smiled and left the room.

She had left me a bra, I remember Aris bringing some home once, she had explained where they go, and we had laughed so much. Also a light blue sleeveless top, pants, light brown skinny trousers and a dark blue jumper, with a hood and a zip going up the middle. I knew what zips were, I knew what a lot of human things are, I know that you eat with a fork and knife and put hats on your head, and that a zip is just a fastening, like a button. My sister visited The lite world a lot.

I put the bra on and did it up, I pulled the top over my head, and put the pants and trousers on. I slid my arms into the jumper and did up the zip halfway. There was a mirror in the corner of the room. I walked over to it to look at myself. My golden hair was a mess and the jumper was slightly too big. I undid the jacket and pulled it down so it rested in the corners of my elbows, I turned around and saw my wingless back in the mirror. But this was me now. At least I was alive. I moved my shoulder blades around. That’s when I noticed the violet feathers plaited in my hair. This is me, I thought. 



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